April 21 Birthdays

April 21st Birthdays

  1. Elizabeth II, Queen
  2. Mathew Valenzuela, Instagram Star
  3. Thomas Doherty, TV Actor
  4. Princeton Perez, Pop Singer
  5. Meika Woollard, Model
  6. Robbie Amell, TV Actor
  7. Jared Mecham, YouTube Star
  8. Chris Broad, YouTube Star
  9. James McAvoy, Movie Actor
  10. Tony Romo, Football Player
  11. Teo, YouTube Star
  12. Christian Coma, Drummer
  13. Iggy Pop, Punk Singer
  14. AdamRayOkay, TikTok Star
  15. Danny Padilla, YouTube Star
  16. Atozy, YouTube Star
  17. Zack Merrick, Bassist
  18. Jake Williams, YouTube Star
  19. Florian Macek, Instagram Star
  20. Sydney Sierota, Pop Singer
  21. Max Loveridge, TikTok Star
  22. Jessey Stevens, Instagram Star
  23. Isco, Soccer Player
  24. Rachel Lindsay, Reality Star
  25. Jamie Lomas, Soap Opera Actor
  26. Barbara Park (1947-2013), Children’s Author
  27. Eddie Preciado, TikTok Star
  28. Gretchen Pearl, TikTok Star
  29. Steve Backshall, Reality Star
  30. Loisa Andalio, Reality Star
  31. Emma Tremblay, Movie Actress
  32. Severina Vuckovic, Pop Singer
  33. TimeDeo, YouTube Star
  34. Brighton Shumway, YouTube Star
  35. Rob Riggle, Comedian
  36. Jencarlos Canela, Pop Singer
  37. Xavi Simons, Soccer Player
  38. LilyMaeXO, YouTube Star
  39. Nikki Cross, Wrestler
  40. Jordan Knox, Reality Star
  41. Robert Smith, Rock Singer
  42. Terrence J, Movie Actor
  43. Chris Remson, Instagram Star
  44. Payton Moore, Pop Singer
  45. F1NN5TER, YouTube Star
  46. Datwayy.angel, TikTok Star
  47. Kavra, YouTube Star
  48. Anna Lazarevic, YouTube Star

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