April 20 Birthdays

April 20th Birthdays

  1. Gigi Gorgeous, YouTube Star
  2. Hyram, YouTube Star
  3. Mini Barbie, YouTube Star
  4. Spencer X, Beatboxer
  5. Shemar Moore, TV Actor
  6. Lu Han, Pop Singer
  7. Jazza, YouTube Star
  8. Miranda Kerr, Model
  9. Carlos Valdés, TV Actor
  10. Carly Rose Sonenclar, Pop Singer
  11. Jessica Lange, Movie Actress
  12. Henry Baer, TikTok Star
  13. Lovell Stanton, YouTube Star
  14. Tan France, Fashion Designer
  15. Maemae Renfrow, TV Actress
  16. Bryce McQuaid, YouTube Star
  17. Carmen Electra, TV Actress
  18. Chester See, YouTube Star
  19. Emily Steers, TikTok Star
  20. Samuel Tabor, YouTube Star
  21. xbrayan, YouTube Star
  22. Hadley Walts, Reality Star
  23. Alix Traeger, YouTube Star
  24. Luke Kuechly, Football Player
  25. Luther Vandross (1951-2005), R&B Singer
  26. Carys Zeta Douglas, Family Member
  27. Mustard, eSports Player
  28. Joey Lawrence, TV Actor
  29. Andy Serkis, Movie Actor
  30. Ramez Galal, TV Show Host
  31. Felix Mallard, Soap Opera Actor
  32. Tillie Amartey, TV Actress
  33. Karen Hauer, Dancer
  34. Ashley Marie Bloomfield, YouTube Star
  35. Neta Alchimister, Model
  36. Alexander Zverev Jr., Tennis Player
  37. Nicolás Valderrama, YouTube Star
  38. Killer Mike, Rapper
  39. Curt Hawkins, Wrestler
  40. Bella Harris, Model
  41. Felix Baumgartner, Daredevil
  42. Logan Sharpe, TikTok Star
  43. Ruth Connell, TV Actress
  44. Brianna Lyn, Reality Star
  45. Clara CupcakeSurpriseToys, YouTube Star
  46. Marisellabella, TikTok Star
  47. Grace Raymer, YouTube Star
  48. Hunter Rasmussen, TikTok Star

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