Friends With Death


Friends With Death documents the step by step process of artist Jim McKenzie’s Grim Reaper sculpture in the form of stop motion animation.

Over 7,000 photos were shot simultaneously as the piece was being sculpted to create this five minute short film.

McKenzie began creating the piece in November of 2018. Initially, the sculpture was not meant to be of the Grim Reaper, but of a friendly skull.

Within the second month of the sculpting process, McKenzie experienced a loss in his immediate family.

The following month his son was born. The two events unconsciously influenced a change in the sculpture’s direction, resulting in what is seen here.

The finished sculpture was later displayed as a center piece in McKenzie’s mini solo exhibition, “Art Of Character” at Corey Helford Gallery which ran from June 29th 2019 – August 4th 2019.

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