April 22 Birthdays

April 22nd Birthdays

  1. Machine Gun Kelly, Rapper
  2. Tammy Hembrow, Instagram Star
  3. Ahlyssa Marie, TikTok Star
  4. Amber Heard, Movie Actress
  5. Thea Kornum, YouTube Star
  6. Marshawn Lynch, Football Player
  7. Queen Isabella (1451-1504), Queen
  8. Pili Pascual, TV Actress
  9. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, TV Actor
  10. Benkro_tv, TikTok Star
  11. Kendall Rae, YouTube Star
  12. Willie Robertson, Reality Star
  13. Jack Nicholson, Movie Actor
  14. Ruby Da Cherry, Rapper
  15. Joey Kidney, YouTube Star
  16. Kaká, Soccer Player
  17. Amanda Pierre, YouTube Star
  18. Nadya Yeremin, TikTok Star
  19. Brooklyn Van Zandt, TikTok Star
  20. JoeysWorldTour, YouTube Star
  21. Haley Fitzgerald, Dancer
  22. Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), Politician
  23. David Luiz, Soccer Player
  24. Finn Roberts, TV Actor
  25. Avxry, YouTube Star
  26. Brennon O’Neill, YouTube Star
  27. Ryan Foley, Family Member
  28. Joshua Atinsky, TikTok Star
  29. Regtoofunny, Instagram Star
  30. Shariah Belle True, Dancer
  31. Joji Nakata, Voice Actor
  32. Capo (1993-2015), Rapper
  33. Lavender May Avery, Family Member
  34. Amanda Berry
  35. Christopher Sabat, Voice Actor
  36. Matt McKenley, Instagram Star
  37. Lifewmicco, Instagram Star
  38. Sherri Shepherd, TV Actress
  39. Elina Karimova, YouTube Star
  40. Tyra Sanchez, Reality Star
  41. Megan Zelly, Instagram Star
  42. Glen Campbell (1936-2017), Country Singer
  43. Wendy Mass, Children’s Author
  44. DJ Drama, DJ
  45. Blake Horstmann, Reality Star
  46. Jessica Hayes, Reality Star
  47. Asher Sheets, TV Actor
  48. Celia Dail, YouTube Star

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