November 2 Birthdays

November 2nd Birthdays

  1. Shah Rukh Khan, Movie Actor
  2. Dylan Dauzat, YouTube Star
  3. David Schwimmer, TV Actor
  4. Kendall Schmidt, TV Actor
  5. Miles McKenna, YouTube Star
  6. Hannah Hart, YouTube Star
  7. Nelly, Rapper
  8. Stevie J., R&B Singer
  9. Mari Takahashi, YouTube Star
  10. Gabe Helmy, YouTube Star
  11. Prettyboiballo, TikTok Star
  12. Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Queen
  13. Lil Moco, YouTube Star
  14. Kayla Nicole, Instagram Star
  15. Jimmy Garoppolo, Football Player
  16. Brielle Barbusca, TV Actress
  17. Marisol Nichols, TV Actress
  18. Brody Alvey, TikTok Star
  19. Bay Area Buggs, YouTube Star
  20. Dee Kosh, YouTube Star
  21. Thiago Messi,Family Member
  22. Chase Goehring, Pop Singer
  23. Logan Caruso, TikTok Star
  24. Dessi, Instagram Star
  25. Negin Mirsalehi, Instagram Star
  26. Katelyn Tarver, Pop Singer
  27. Mimi XD, YouTube Star
  28. London Elise Kress, Movie Actress
  29. Bredia Santoro, Pop Singer
  30. Nikki Limo, YouTube Star
  31. Anna Pavaga, Instagram Star
  32. JP Cooper, Folk Singer
  33. Karamo Brown, TV Show Host
  34. Tiffany Watson, Reality Star
  35. Tae Montana, Instagram Star
  36. Kaiser, Rapper
  37. Danny Amendola, Football Player
  38. Sunny Sandler, Movie Actress
  39. Pia Miller, Model
  40. Daniel Boone (1734-1820), Explorer
  41. Alex Bertie, YouTube Star
  42. Nigel Wilson, YouTube Star
  43. Jade Jolie, Reality Star
  44. Janina Uhse, TV Actress
  45. Tyler Hodak, TikTok Star
  46. James K. Polk (1795-1849), US President
  47. Albert Johnson (1974-2017), Rapper
  48. Chloé Constance, Instagram Star

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