November 1 Birthdays

November 1st Birthdays

  1. Jayden Bartels, TV Actress
  2. Lil Peep (1996-2017), Rapper
  3. NLE CHOPPA, Rapper
  4. Paige Hyland, Dancer
  5. GeorgeNotFound, YouTube Star
  6. Marc D’Amelio, Family Member
  7. Macei, Instagram Star
  8. Anthony Ramos, Stage Actor
  9. Glam And Gore, YouTube Star
  10. Tofuu, YouTube Star
  11. Katttrod, Dancer
  12. Rocky Lynch, Pop Singer
  13. Patrick Minor, TikTok Star
  14. Penn Badgley, TV Actor
  15. JOOGSQUAD, YouTube Star
  16. Sunset Safari, YouTube Star
  17. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Movie Actress
  18. DripGlosss, Instagram Star
  19. Buddy Handleson, TV Actor
  20. JHype, Rapper
  21. Jenny McCarthy, TV Show Host
  22. Mia Mugavero, Dancer
  23. Kaylee Bryant, TV Actress
  24. JoJo Fletcher, Reality Star
  25. Coco Martin, Movie Actor
  26. Alex Wolff, Drummer
  27. Jeongyeon, Pop Singer
  28. Reece King, Model
  29. Nicole Kirkland, Choreographer
  30. Ari Vera, TikTok Star
  31. Anthony Kiedis, Rock Singer
  32. Tim Cook, Business Executive
  33. Rachel Bush, Instagram Star
  34. Sigala, Music Producer
  35. Malcolm Craig, TV Actor
  36. Madison Brooke, YouTube Star
  37. David Foster, Music Producer
  38. Simone Giertz, Inventor
  39. Kim Min-Jae, TV Actor
  40. Matt Jones, TV Actor
  41. Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva, Pop Singer
  42. Kristian PH, YouTube Star
  43. Natalia Tena, Movie Actress
  44. Susu Ibrahim, Reality Star
  45. Ileana D’Cruz, Movie Actress
  46. Marina Laswick, Model
  47. Peter Ostrum, Movie Actor
  48. Selangie Arlene Henriquez, Fashion Designer

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