March 30 Birthdays

March 30th Birthdays

  1. Brooke Barry, TikTok Star
  2. NF, Rapper
  3. Celine Dion, Pop Singer
  4. Thomas Rhett, Country Singer
  5. James White, YouTube Star
  6. Brooke Bush, YouTube Star
  7. Isaac Lupien, Dancer
  8. Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Painter
  9. Anitta, Reggaeton Singer
  10. Sergio Ramos, Soccer Player
  11. Kwite, YouTube Star
  12. David So, YouTube Star
  13. Mark Consuelos, TV Actor
  14. MC Hammer, Rapper
  15. Kalel, YouTube Star
  16. Cha Eunwoo, Pop Singer
  17. Richard Sherman, Football Player
  18. Lindsay Fox, YouTube Star
  19. Audrey Wrather, TikTok Star
  20. Piers Morgan, TV Show Host
  21. Enrique Gil, TV Actor
  22. UnlistedLeaf, YouTube Star
  23. Robbie Coltrane, TV Actor
  24. Alessia Francesca Saccone-Joly,YouTube Star
  25. Eric Clapton, Guitarist
  26. Makenna Gott, YouTube Star
  27. Taylor Felt, Pop Singer
  28. HollowPoiint, YouTube Star
  29. Janella Salvador, TV Actress
  30. Maria Reynolds (1768-1828), Family Member
  31. Chris Sale, Baseball Player
  32. AronChupa, DJ
  33. Kojo Funds, World Music Singer
  34. Rolf Harris, Pop Singer
  35. Tracy Chapman, Pop Singer
  36. Alex Bregman, Baseball Player
  37. Zayn Ali,Instagram Star
  38. Norah Jones, Jazz Singer
  39. Justin Moore, Country Singer
  40. Kaden Roque, YouTube Star
  41. Brody Clementi, Country Singer
  42. Cassie Scerbo, TV Actress
  43. Song Min-ho, Pop Singer
  44. Katie Bell, Instagram Star
  45. Miss Fame, Reality Star
  46. Ashley Rae Ridge, YouTube Star
  47. Anna Sitar, TikTok Star
  48. Marcus Hill, Twitch Star

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