March 29 Birthdays

March 29th Birthdays

  1. Mark Thomas, Instagram Star
  2. CJ So Cool, YouTube Star
  3. Juanpa Zurita, YouTube Star
  4. Kelianne Stankus, Gymnast
  5. Jack Wright, TikTok Star
  6. James Wright, TikTok Star
  7. Rylan McKnight, YouTube Star
  8. Alisson Sister Forever, YouTube Star
  9. Hannah Grace Colin, Dancer
  10. Megan Batoon, YouTube Star
  11. Hitman Holla, Rapper
  12. Jasmine Clough, YouTube Star
  13. Arón Piper, Movie Actor
  14. Sulli (1994-2019), TV Actress
  15. Fredo Bang, Rapper
  16. Curly Hair Jayden, Instagram Star
  17. Irene, Pop Singer
  18. Ysa Penarejo, TV Actress
  19. Lydia Connell, YouTube Star
  20. Tess Daly, TV Show Host
  21. Fivio Foreign, Rapper
  22. Maggie Baird, TV Actress
  23. Ryan Fitzsimons, YouTube Star
  24. Hana Hayes, TV Actress
  25. Weylie Hoang, YouTube Star
  26. Sam Walton (1918-1992), Entrepreneur
  27. Scott Fitzsimons, YouTube Star
  28. Jbunzie, YouTube Star
  29. Ben Hemmings, Instagram Star
  30. Lost Pause, YouTube Star
  31. Shelby Triglia, YouTube Star
  32. Danial Ron, YouTube Star
  33. Scott Wilson (1942-2018), Movie Actor
  34. Chance Mizell, Dancer
  35. Samantha Jo, Movie Actress
  36. Dark Corners, YouTube Star
  37. Courtney Chipolone, Instagram Star
  38. N’Golo Kanté, Soccer Player
  39. John Tyler (1790-1862), US President
  40. Dimitri Payet, Soccer Player
  41. Ananya Pandey, Movie Actress
  42. Chris D’Elia, Comedian
  43. Who Is Fancy, Pop Singer
  44. LoveFromLiyax, YouTube Star
  45. Elle Macpherson, Model
  46. SnewJ, YouTube Star
  47. Brayden Cook, TikTok Star
  48. Willie Taylor, R&B Singer

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