March 12 Birthdays

March 12th Birthdays

  1.  Christina Grimmie (1994-2016), Pop Singer
  2. Anna Zak, Instagram Star
  3. Jessie Paege, YouTube Star
  4. Malina Weissman, TV Actress
  5. Smooth Gio, YouTube Star
  6. Lewis Blissett, Pop Singer
  7. Andrea Brillantes, TV Actress
  8. Momo, Instagram Star
  9. Parker Coppins, YouTube Star
  10. Haminations, YouTube Star
  11. Stromae, Rapper
  12. Hana Giraldo, Entrepreneur
  13. Anna Clendening, Pop Singer
  14. Kyle Lunski, TikTok Star
  15. JoJoe, Instagram Star
  16. Scrapp Deleon, Reality Star
  17. Coben Bryan, TikTok Star
  18. Hannah Kaye Balanay, TikTok Star
  19. RobertIDK, YouTube Star
  20. Mr. Grande, YouTube Star
  21. Conner Dennis, Instagram Star
  22. Mitt Romney, Politician
  23. Kinga Sawczuk, TikTok Star
  24. Francesca Ferragni, Instagram Star
  25. Mae Young (1923-2014), Wrestler
  26. Keeley Elise, YouTube Star
  27. Danny Jones, Guitarist
  28. LiLee Nelson, YouTube Star
  29. Liza Minnelli, Movie Actress
  30. Junsun Yoo, Dancer
  31. Temprist, YouTube Star
  32. James Taylor, Folk Singer
  33. Catelynn Lowell, Reality Star
  34. Shreya Ghoshal, World Music Singer
  35. Atif Aslam, Pop Singer
  36. Kiya Cole, Instagram Star
  37. B. Smyth, R&B Singer
  38. Ayla Weissman, Instagram Star
  39. Gibbster, YouTube Star
  40. Frank Welker, Voice Actor
  41. Samm Levine, TV Actor
  42. Elliadria Griffin, Reality Star
  43. Marlon Jackson, Pop Singer
  44. Meg Turney, YouTube Star
  45. LoverFella, YouTube Star
  46. AJ Rafael, YouTube Star
  47. Nordeltus, YouTube Star
  48. Tyler Ward, Pop Singer

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