March 11 Birthdays

March 11th Birthdays

  1. WillNE, YouTube Star
  2. Grace Sharer, YouTube Star
  3. Emmytchi, YouTube Star
  4. Callux, YouTube Star
  5. Jacob Cruikshank, YouTube Star
  6. Aparri, YouTube Star
  7. Anthony Davis, Basketball Player
  8. Taras Kulakov, YouTube Star
  9. Branson Tannerites, YouTube Star
  10. Camden Scott, YouTube Star
  11. Jude Demorest, TV Actress
  12. SwagBoyQ, TikTok Star
  13. John Barrowman, TV Actor
  14. Alahna Ly, Instagram Star
  15. Mark Rober, YouTube Star
  16. Jenny Ruiz, Instagram Star
  17. Johnny Knoxville, TV Actor
  18. Terrence Howard, Movie Actor
  19. Jordan Lipscombe, YouTube Star
  20. Joogie, YouTube Star
  21. Tina Neumann, TikTok Star
  22. Jodie Comer, TV Actress
  23. Didier Drogba, Soccer Player
  24. Austin Swift, Instagram Star
  25. Gus Dapperton, Pop Singer
  26. Anton Yelchin (1989-2016), Movie Actor
  27. Chase Crawford, Movie Actor
  28. LeToya Luckett, Pop Singer
  29. Brookie MarissaAndBrookie, YouTube Star
  30. Gretchen Geraghty, YouTube Star
  31. Sasha Sloan, Pop Singer
  32. Lisa Loeb, Pop Singer
  33. Maddy Harris, Instagram Star
  34. Joel Madden, Rock Singer
  35. Charles The French, Facebook Star
  36. Iamalexus, Instagram Star
  37. Rob Paulsen, TV Actor
  38. Benny Amesquita, YouTube Star
  39. Mats Van der Graaf, YouTube Star
  40. Kathryn Melvin, TikTok Star
  41. Benji Madden, Guitarist
  42. Josh Sobo, YouTube Star
  43. Andrew Robertson, Soccer Player
  44. Paul Wall, Rapper
  45. David Newman, Composer
  46. Matreya Fedor, TV Actress
  47. Reiley McClendon, TV Actor
  48. Alex Kingston, TV Actress

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