January 14 Birthdays

January 14th Birthdays

  1.  Alejandro Rosario, TikTok Star
  2. Grant Gustin, TV Actor
  3. ZHC, Comic Book Artist
  4. Fatherkels, Instagram Star
  5. Kacy Catanzaro, Gymnast
  6. Mar McCoy, Instagram Star
  7. Dan Schneider, TV Producer
  8. Kai, Pop Singer
  9. LL Cool J, Rapper
  10. Pornsak, TV Show Host
  11. Dave Grohl, Rock Singer
  12. GoldenKye, YouTube Star
  13. Oli London, Instagram Star
  14. Jason Bateman, TV Actor
  15. Cristina Villegas, YouTube Star
  16. Jenna Valenzuela, Dancer
  17. Rayy Dubb, Rapper
  18. Diana Condurache, YouTube Star
  19. Jack Jones, Jazz Singer
  20. Mackenzie Turner, TikTok Star
  21. Elizabeth Swims,YouTube Star
  22. Tom Rosenthal, Comedian
  23. Yandel, Reggaeton Singer
  24. papii__jj, Instagram Star
  25. Jack P. Shepherd, Soap Opera Actor
  26. Carl Weathers, Movie Actor
  27. Slick Rick, Rapper
  28. Jaxon Fairbairn, YouTube Star
  29. Layla Atiles, Instagram Star
  30. Noah Miller, YouTube Star
  31. Agassi Ching, YouTube Star
  32. PrettyBoredVids, YouTube Star
  33. Savannah Brymer, YouTube Star
  34. Isabela Souza, TV Actress
  35. Frankie Sandford, Pop Singer
  36. Kaylie Whispell, TikTok Star
  37. Benedict Arnold (1741-1801)
  38. Amirah Dyme, Instagram Star
  39. Godfrey Onuora, TikTok Star
  40. Holland Taylor, TV Actress
  41. Carla Facciolo, Reality Star
  42. Matthew Timmons, TV Actor
  43. Emily Watson, Movie Actress
  44. Evelyn Braxton, Reality Star
  45. Taylor Blake, Instagram Star
  46. JasmineTxo, TikTok Star
  47. Skylar Budgett, TikTok Star
  48. Ryleigh Ledford, YouTube Star

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