January 13 Birthdays

January 13th Birthdays

  1. Griffin Johnson, TikTok Star
  2. Liam Hemsworth, Movie Actor
  3. Natalia Dyer, TV Actress
  4. Tre Brooks, TikTok Star
  5. Patrick Dempsey, TV Actor
  6. Orlando Bloom, Movie Actor
  7. Elliot Giles, Instagram Star
  8. Nezza, Instagram Star
  9. Mike Majlak, Instagram Star
  10. Tayvion Power, Instagram Star
  11. Jalen Brooks, YouTube Star
  12. Connor McDavid, Hockey Player
  13. Chloe Conder,Family Member
  14. Jack Baran, YouTube Star
  15. Elliot Crawford, YouTube Star
  16. Robin Birrell, YouTube Star
  17. Lori Harvey, Instagram Star
  18. Gabriella Skory, YouTube Star
  19. Millie Tiplady, TikTok Star
  20. Christopher Boykin (1972-2017), Reality Star
  21. Tyler Henry, Reality Star
  22. Addison Davis, YouTube Star
  23. Rifty, YouTube Star
  24. Julian Morris, Movie Actor
  25. Riley Black, TikTok Star
  26. Mickey Nucci, Instagram Star
  27. Jimmy Wopo (1997-2018), Rapper
  28. Shonda Rhimes, Screenwriter
  29. Park Jin-Young, Pop Singer
  30. Shad Gaspard (1981-2020), Wrestler
  31. Beau Mirchoff, TV Actor
  32. Ashton Locklear, Gymnast
  33. Nika Kljun, Choreographer
  34. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, TV Actress
  35. Jill Wagner, TV Actress
  36. Noelle Hear, TikTok Star
  37. Trace Adkins, Country Singer
  38. Kristine Sloth, YouTube Star
  39. Harold Azuara, YouTube Star
  40. Max Whitlock, Gymnast
  41. Marlena Hudson, TikTok Star
  42. ColossalisCrazy, YouTube Star
  43. Michael Pena, Movie Actor
  44. Ashley Sarmiento, TV Actress
  45. Ginger Zee, TV Show Host
  46. Natalia Barulich, Model
  47. Imran Khan, Movie Actor
  48. Sophia X, YouTube Star

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