Discontinued Fast-Food Desserts That Deserve a Comeback

Fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King are always improving their menus, adding new must-have items to the list of offerings. But all of those fun new treats mean that some of your favorites will inevitably go away at some point. And while we love the new items, too, we can’t help but miss these discontinued fast-food desserts.

From the various apple pies we’ve lost over time to McFlurry and Frosty flavors that didn’t make it, you’ll love reminiscing about these fast-food items of yore.

1. Burger King Dutch Apple Pie
Last month, Burger King revealed that it’s discontinuing its Dutch apple pie. The dessert wasn’t a favorite in our fast-food dessert taste test, but a comeback could be BK’s chance to make this dessert better! Every fast-food chain deserves an apple pie (and yes, we’re looking at Taco Bell’s discontinued caramel apple empanada, too).

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2. McDonald’s Old Apple Pie Recipe
Speaking of fast-food apple pies, fans may remember that in 2018, McDonald’s changed its apple pie recipe to be healthier. We’re all for making smarter food choices, but let’s be honest: The old apple pie tasted way better.



3. Taco Bell Caramel Apple Empanada
We couldn’t mention the other apple treats without featuring this beloved Taco Bell item, too. That creamy apple filling and that perfectly crispy empanada shell? Our hearts will not go on.



4. Shake Shack Custard of the Week
Long before Shake Shack was an international megachain, it served a weekly custard flavor at its local stores. There were inventive shake bases like strawberry cheesecake or peanut butter. These days, the menu at Shake Shack stays the same, with only seasonal selections on rotation. (Right now, for example, Shake Shack is offering the s’mores shake.) The creamy treats are still superb, but there was something fun about checking the calendar for upcoming flavors.


5. Shake Shack Concretes
Speaking of Shake Shack, another casualty of the pandemic has been the chain’s blended concretes. Different locations had different mix-ins for the treats. But during the pandemic, your only options are vanilla and chocolate frozen custard, sans toppings.


6. Burger King Cini-Minis
These mini cinnamon roll bites were the best part of visiting BK. Sadly, they’re no longer on the menu, despite an adamant Change.org petition.


7. McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts
While Burger King had the Cini-Minis, McDonald’s had Cinnamon Melts. The rip-apart treat was like getting the gooey center of a cinnamon roll in every bite.


8. Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty
This treat came with a 2000s-style music video. No, really. And the flavor doesn’t sound half bad!



9. Burger King Bacon Sundae
Putting bacon on everything is a time-honored American tradition. But Burger King took things too far when the chain added bacon to soft-serve in 2012.


10. Taco Bell Chocoladilla
This candy-filled treat was only available in Wisconsin in 2017. But considering the fact that Taco Bell already broke our hearts with the apple empanada, bringing back this chocolate quesadilla is the least the chain could do.


11. Taco Bell Cinnamon Crispas
Cinnamon Twists are still on the Taco Bell menu. But anyone who’s tried them knows they’re fairly tasteless. What we wish we could have back is the Cinnamon Crispas, which were cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips. Yum.


12. Taco Bell Airheads White Mystery Freeze
Taco Bell just keeps breaking our hearts! This drink combined the beloved Taco Bell Freeze with the classic candy flavor that kept fans guessing. At one point, there was a Starburst freeze, too.



13. KFC Apple Turnover
We have one more apple-flavored treat to add to the fast-food dessert graveyard. The KFC apple turnover was a fan favorite. But the only desserts on KFC’s menu now are chocolate chip cookies and for some reason, Bundt cakes.


14. McDonald’s Shrek McFlurry
If you were in Canada, the early 2000s brought you the Mint Ogre-Load McFlurry. In the U.S., there was the Swamp Sludge McFlurry. Whatever it was called, this Shrek-themed treat was a gimmick that worked.


15. Costco Chocolate Soft-Serve
When Costco added the acai bowl to the menu at its U.S. stores, the chocolate soft-serve was removed. If we could only have one item, we’d rather it be the chocolate one.

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