August 13 Birthdays

August 13th Birthdays


  1. Devenity Perkins, TV Actress
  2. Ray Diaz, TV Actor
  3. Sebastian Stan, Movie Actor
  4. Corey Fogelmanis, TV Actor
  5. ZacharyZaxor, YouTube Star
  6. Amber Scholl, YouTube Star
  7. Reece Bibby, Pop Singer
  8. Mongraal, eSports Player
  9. Jordan Sweeto, YouTube Star
  10. Kayce Brewer, TikTok Star
  11. Lennon Stella, Pop Singer
  12. Vale Genta, Instagram Star
  13. Annie Oakley (1860-1926)
  14. MØ, Pop Singer
  15. Kianna Naomi, YouTube Star
  16. Fidel Castro (1926-2016), World Leader
  17. Allison Speed, YouTube Star
  18. Kwesi Bouie, YouTube Star
  19. SarahGrace, YouTube Star
  20. Jaemin, Pop Singer
  21. Stien Edlund, TikTok Star
  22. Slogoman girlfriend, Instagram Star
  23. Libardo Isaza, TikTok Star
  24. Sridevi Kapoor (1963-2018), Movie Actress
  25. DeMarcus Cousins, Basketball Player
  26. Zhirelle, YouTube Star
  27. Eli Brown, TV Actor
  28. Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980), Director
  29. Margot Lee, YouTube Star
  30. ItsEssi, YouTube Star
  31. Tomohawk1989, YouTube Star
  32. Álvaro Rico, TV Actor
  33. Alan Shearer, Soccer Player
  34. Serum, YouTube Star
  35. Tweezy, Music Producer
  36. Alvin Zhou, Chef
  37. Slick Woods, Model
  38. N3on, YouTube Star
  39. Geneva Ayala, Twitter Star
  40. Erika Henningsen, Stage Actress
  41. Piper Reese, YouTube Star
  42. Fabulous Hannah, YouTube Star
  43. Daniel Cutting, YouTube Star
  44. Paul Karmiryan, Dancer
  45. Elcin Sangu, TV Actress
  46. Devan Leos, Movie Actor
  47. Samuel De Champlain (1574-1635), Explorer
  48. Mark Tomlinson, Twitter Star

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