December 9 Birthdays

December 9th Birthdays

  1. Kendall Vertes, Dancer
  2. Caleb Finn, TikTok Star
  3. Deji Olatunji, YouTube Star
  4. Charm Norris, YouTube Star
  5. PnB Rock, Rapper
  6. Shae Bennett, YouTube Star
  7. Krazyrayray, YouTube Star
  8. Kelly Oubre Jr., Basketball Player
  9. Aitch, Rapper
  10. Tristan Jass, Instagram Star
  11. Jasmine Chiswell, TikTok Star
  12. McKayla Maroney, Gymnast
  13. Kirk Douglas (1916-2020), Movie Actor
  14. Anomaly, YouTube Star
  15. Nau, YouTube Star
  16. Kurt Angle, Wrestler
  17. Choi Min-ho, Pop Singer
  18. Wuant, YouTube Star
  19. Tre Cool, Drummer
  20. Isaiah Russell-Bailey, TV Actor
  21. JustDustin, YouTube Star
  22. Donny Osmond, TV Actor
  23. Camoflauge (1981-2003), Rapper
  24. Dillon Bradley, Instagram Star
  25. Pixie Davies, TV Actress
  26. Elle Darby, YouTube Star
  27. Dick Butkus, Football Player
  28. Judi Dench, Movie Actress
  29. Famke Louise, YouTube Star
  30. Simon Helberg, TV Actor
  31. Redd Foxx (1922-1991), TV Actor
  32. Bunchie Young, Football Player
  33. Booba, Rapper
  34. Blake Homie, YouTube Star
  35. Felicity Huffman, TV Actress
  36. SungWon Cho, Voice Actor
  37. Lori Greiner, Entrepreneur
  38. Bella Angel, Pop Singer
  39. Lily Pebbles, YouTube Star
  40. Alexi Blue, Pop Singer
  41. Mark McMorris, Snowboarder
  42. Shin Yuna, Pop Singer
  43. Maddy MacLachlan, TikTok Star
  44. Bruce Wiegner, Pop Singer
  45. Elle Evans, Model
  46. Paola Zurita, Instagram Star
  47. Leah Lewis, TV Actress
  48. Melly Sanchez, Instagram Star

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