December 10 Birthdays

December 10th Birthdays

  1. Raven-Symoné, TV Actress
  2. Adalia Rose, Facebook Star
  3. Flynn Timothy Stocklin, Family Member
  4. Kendalle Sands, Instagram Star
  5. Teyana Taylor, Rapper
  6. Neptune, YouTube Star
  7. Lyssy Noel, YouTube Star
  8. Trinity Taylor, Reality Star
  9. Natti Natasha, Reggaeton Singer
  10. Bobby Flay, Chef
  11. Loco Laii, Instagram Star
  12. Evelyn Lozada, Reality Star
  13. Kang Daniel, Rapper
  14. JoeySalads, YouTube Star
  15. Dylan Hawkins, YouTube Star
  16. Joe Burrow, Football Player
  17. Josie Duggar, Reality Star
  18. Oscar Iannone, TikTok Star
  19. Callum B, YouTube Star
  20. TheNewCallumb08, YouTube Star
  21. Tacko Fall, Basketball Player
  22. Sultan Kosen
  23. Steve Cook, Model
  24. Sean Dolan (1968-2019), Family Member
  25. Aimee Song, YouTube Star
  26. Hans Vito, YouTube Star
  27. Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), Poet
  28. Rai Lollie, Model
  29. McKenzie Luskey, YouTube Star
  30. Natalie Hanby, Instagram Star
  31. Arlin Moore, YouTube Star
  32. Michael Clarke Duncan (1957-2012), Movie Actor
  33. Xavier Samuel, Movie Actor
  34. Gonzalo Higuaín, Soccer Player
  35. Eryn Weaver, YouTube Star
  36. Nick Martin, Rock Singer
  37. Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), Mathematician
  38. Susanna Reid, TV Show Host
  39. Grace Chatto, Pop Singer
  40. Josh Herron, Family Member
  41. Emma Louise O’Neill, Instagram Star
  42. Ilie Bivol, YouTube Star
  43. Kenneth Branagh, Director
  44. Maliah Michel, Model
  45. Joss Favela, Songwriter
  46. Nia Peeples, TV Actress
  47. Mattie Faith, YouTube Star
  48. Saba Khan, YouTube Star

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