December 29 Birthdays

December 29th Birthdays

  1.  Ross Lynch, TV Actor
  2. Paris Berelc, TV Actress
  3. Dylan Hartman, TikTok Star
  4. Dylan Minnette, TV Actor
  5. Jordan Clark, Dancer
  6. itsbambii, Instagram Star
  7. Rachael SSG, YouTube Star
  8. Slim Jimmy, Rapper
  9. Nick Merico, TV Actor
  10. Hudson Matter, Instagram Star
  11. Jude Law, Movie Actor
  12. Minatozaki Sana, Pop Singer
  13. Natalia Estrada, TikTok Star
  14. Alison Brie, TV Actress
  15. Don Hinds, YouTube Star
  16. Mariah Covarrubias, TikTok Star
  17. Kaelyn xox, YouTube Star
  18. Tedy, YouTube Star
  19. Christen Press, Soccer Player
  20. Mathilde Tantot, Entrepreneur
  21. Brookelynn Elizabeth, Instagram Star
  22. Nudah, YouTube Star
  23. Iain De Caestecker, TV Actor
  24. Mary Tyler Moore (1936-2017), TV Actress
  25. Justin Roberts, TV Show Host
  26. Diego Luna, Movie Actor
  27. Adam Waithe, YouTube Star
  28. Ted Danson, TV Actor
  29. Matthew Berry, Journalist
  30. Valentina Ferragni, Instagram Star
  31. Pimp C (1973-2007), Rapper
  32. Leyton Patrick, TikTok Star
  33. Summer Raeann Rios, Instagram Star
  34. Banen Naem, YouTube Star
  35. Robert Manion, YouTube Star
  36. Pornpawee Neerasingh, Pop Singer
  37. Dalton Harris, Pop Singer
  38. Andrew Johnson (1808-1875), US President
  39. Emily Willis, Instagram Star
  40. Jane Levy, TV Actress
  41. Marco Antonio Solís, Pop Singer
  42. Mariah Rose Faith, Stage Actress
  43. Naomi Sequeira, TV Actress
  44. Emma Hauser, Dancer
  45. Tiffany Poon, Pianist
  46. Cece Abbey, YouTube Star
  47. Jon Voight, Movie Actor
  48. Pauline Tantot, Instagram Star

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