December 28 Birthdays

December 28th Birthdays

  1. Nash Grier, Movie Actor
  2. Stan Lee (1922-2018), Comic Book Author
  3. Posie Rayne LaBrant, Family Member
  4. Quackity, YouTube Star
  5. John Legend, R&B Singer
  6. Kaylyn Slevin, Dancer
  7. Emery Kelly, Pop Singer
  8. Miles Brown, TV Actor
  9. Jim Chapman, YouTube Star
  10. Denzel Washington, Movie Actor
  11. Danny Edge, YouTube Star
  12. Maggie Smith, Movie Actress
  13. Bad Kid Kam, Instagram Star
  14. Rodrigo Contreras, TikTok Star
  15. David Archuleta, Pop Singer
  16. Larissa Manoela, TV Actress
  17. Maya Boyce, TV Actress
  18. Kingsley, YouTube Star
  19. Kinsley White, TikTok Star
  20. Sienna Miller, Movie Actress
  21. Otto Wood, Drummer
  22. Seth Meyers, TV Show Host
  23. TJ Hunt, YouTube Star
  24. Hair Jordan, YouTube Star
  25. Joe Manganiello, TV Actor
  26. Madison De La Garza, TV Actress
  27. Jimi Jackson, YouTube Star
  28. SilentDroidd, YouTube Star
  29. Sarah Feeld, YouTube Star
  30. Indie Gardner,YouTube Star
  31. Andrija Jovic, YouTube Star
  32. Don Francisco, TV Show Host
  33. Laganja Estranja, Reality Star
  34. Kyle Hatch, YouTube Star
  35. David Rodríguez, Instagram Star
  36. Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), US President
  37. Evie Gardner,YouTube Star
  38. London Goheen, Instagram Star
  39. Esme Gardner, YouTube Star
  40. Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan, Pop Singer
  41. Arianna Hailey, TikTok Star
  42. Adam Peaty, Swimmer
  43. Anastasia Soare, Entrepreneur
  44. Mary-Charles Jones, TV Actress
  45. Kaylin Johnson, Instagram Star
  46. Gayle King, Radio Host
  47. Elaine Hendrix, TV Actress
  48. Joe Diffie (1958-2020), Country Singer

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