September 22 Birthdays

September 22nd Birthdays

  1.  Tom Felton, Movie Actor
  2. Jazlyn G, TikTok Star
  3. Moneybagg Yo, Rapper
  4. Melvin Gregg, YouTube Star
  5. Cody Veith, TV Actor
  6. HeyImBee, YouTube Star
  7. Nayeon, Pop Singer
  8. Park Jin-young, Pop Singer
  9. Mamrie Hart, YouTube Star
  10. Jenn Im, YouTube Star
  11. Chris Tallman, TV Actor
  12. Billie Piper, TV Actress
  13. Michael Rainey Jr., TV Actor
  14. Joan Jett, Rock Singer
  15. Barrett Carnahan, TV Actor
  16. DTG, Facebook Star
  17. Sarah Cho, YouTube Star
  18. Lainey Cook, Instagram Star
  19. Ja Vonne Beard, YouTube Star
  20. Lloyd Cadena, YouTube Star
  21. Alex Cerabone, TikTok Star
  22. Andrea Bocelli, Opera Singer
  23. Jack Jones, Guitarist
  24. King Issa, Rapper
  25. Chris Arana, TikTok Star
  26. Erin Pitt, Movie Actress
  27. iRunYew, YouTube Star
  28. Desyrae Martines, YouTube Star
  29. Thiago Silva, Soccer Player
  30. Maris Racal, Reality Star
  31. Tatiana Maslany, TV Actress
  32. Kim Seung-min, Pop Singer
  33. Scott Baio, TV Actor
  34. Ali Baluch, YouTube Star
  35. Ruth Jones, TV Actress
  36. Carlos Correa, Baseball Player
  37. Ayla Jalyn, YouTube Star
  38. Pokelawls, Twitch Star
  39. Jake Maldonado, TikTok Star
  40. Elissia Mariah, Pop Singer
  41. David Stern (1942-2020), Business Executive
  42. Ameer Vann, Rapper
  43. Zoey Robertson, Instagram Star
  44. Parry Gripp, Rock Singer
  45. Lexi Wood, Model
  46. Chase Ellison, Movie Actor
  47. Sadie Rose Corrigan, Family Member
  48. Zoey Klein, Reality Star

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