September 18 Birthdays

September 18th Birthdays

  1.  Alex Warren, YouTube Star
  2. Signa Mae, TikTok Star
  3. Aidan Gallagher, TV Actor
  4. Joji, YouTube Star
  5. Nina Lu, TV Actress
  6. Jada Pinkett Smith, Movie Actress
  7. Jonaldo, Soccer Player
  8. MindofRez, YouTube Star
  9. Lukas Forchhammer, Funk Singer
  10. Fitz, YouTube Star
  11. Jackson Robert Scott, Movie Actor
  12. Luke Mullen, TV Actor
  13. Rhino, YouTube Star
  14. Froggy, Instagram Star
  15. Brooke Adee, Pop Singer
  16. Megan Lee, Pop Singer
  17. LA Capone (1996-2013), Rapper
  18. Amber Liu, Rapper
  19. Patrick Schwarzenegger, Model
  20. James Marsden, Movie Actor
  21. Angela Simmons, Reality Star
  22. Taylor Dye, Country Singer
  23. Cheeseaholic, YouTube Star
  24. Phoenix List, TV Actor
  25. Kendal Rich, YouTube Star
  26. Jason Mendez, Instagram Star
  27. Arie Luyendyk Jr., Reality Star
  28. Ben Carson, Doctor
  29. Ewokttv, eSports Player
  30. Christian Pulisic, Soccer Player
  31. Nick Pallauf, TikTok Star
  32. Alex DeLena, Instagram Star
  33. Abram Rader, YouTube Star
  34. Danielle Jonas, Reality Star
  35. Lance Armstrong, Cyclist
  36. Ved Rao, TV Actor
  37. Jinkx Monsoon, Reality Star
  38. Towanda Braxton, R&B Singer
  39. Jason Sudeikis, Movie Actor
  40. Serge Ibaka, Basketball Player
  41. Aisha Tyler, TV Actress
  42. Kevin Ortiz, Pop Singer
  43. Xavier Borrero, Facebook Star
  44. G-Nate, Instagram Star
  45. Jane Buckingham, TV Show Host
  46. Fred Willard (1933-2020), Movie Actor
  47. Ricky Bell, R&B Singer
  48. Jennifer Tisdale, TV Actress

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