October 9 Birthdays

October 9th Birthdays

  1. Bella Hadid, Model
  2. Landon Barker, Reality Star
  3. John Lennon (1940-1980), Rock Singer
  4. Jada Gomillion, TikTok Star
  5. Lulu Lambros, TV Actress
  6. Cody Jones, YouTube Star
  7. Tyler James Williams, TV Actor
  8. Louis Hynes, TV Actor
  9. Rory Vlach, YouTube Star
  10. Sharon Osbourne, Reality Star
  11. David Cameron, Politician
  12. Eddie Guerrero (1967-2005), Wrestler
  13. Jacob Batalon, Movie Actor
  14. Lecrae Moore, Rapper
  15. Scotty McCreery, Country Singer
  16. Kevin Franke, YouTube Star
  17. Israel Cortez, TikTok Star
  18. Kristen Scott, TikTok Star
  19. Any Gabrielly, Pop Singer
  20. William Fisher, Instagram Star
  21. Steve Burns, TV Actor
  22. Young Bae, Tattoo Artist
  23. Chris Udalla, TikTok Star
  24. Morgan Simianer, Cheerleader
  25. Jharrel Jerome, Movie Actor
  26. Analicia Chave, Instagram Star
  27. Gracie Renfro, YouTube Star
  28. Joshua White, Instagram Star
  29. Brandon Routh, Movie Actor
  30. Joshua Carlon, TV Actor
  31. Roary Raynor, YouTube Star
  32. Baris Arduc, TV Actor
  33. Stan Gerards, Instagram Star
  34. Sean Lennon, Composer
  35. Derek DiScanio, Rock Singer
  36. Kyle Hansen, YouTube Star
  37. Jodelle Ferland, Movie Actress
  38. Marie Kondo, Reality Star
  39. Illuminate, Rapper
  40. Tony Shalhoub, TV Actor
  41. Robloxthotty, TikTok Star
  42. Gok Wan, TV Show Host
  43. Colette Johnson, YouTube Star
  44. YungyPlaysRoblox, YouTube Star
  45. Cole Preston, Drummer
  46. Elajwon Esperance, YouTube Star
  47. Erik Martinez, Instagram Star
  48. Colin Donnell, TV Actor

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