October 23 Birthdays

October 23rd Birthdays

  1. Arii, Instagram Star
  2. Ryan Reynolds, Movie Actor
  3. Carter Sharer, YouTube Star
  4. Belle Delphine, Cosplayer
  5. Pelé, Soccer Player
  6. Kane Atwood, Family Member
  7. Emilia Clarke, TV Actress
  8. Miranda Mason, TikTok Star
  9. Amandla Stenberg, Movie Actress
  10. Sam Andrews, TikTok Star
  11. Alessio Scalzotto, Movie Actor
  12. LaVar Ball, Entrepreneur
  13. Georgia Toffolo, Reality Star
  14. Tristan Blane, TikTok Star
  15. Carmella, Wrestler
  16. Weird Al Yankovic, Pop Singer
  17. Jada Wesley, TikTok Star
  18. Nathalie Paris, YouTube Star
  19. Amelia Monet, Instagram Star
  20. Alexandra Leona Bryant, Model
  21. Ur Mom Ashley, YouTube Star
  22. Asahd Khaled,Instagram Star
  23. Miguel, R&B Singer
  24. Drew Ramos, Pop Singer
  25. Zach Callison, Voice Actor
  26. Alex Cloutier, YouTube Star
  27. Ulices Cháidez, World Music Singer
  28. Talin Silva, Dancer
  29. Mikey Jimenez, Pop Singer
  30. Roni Back, YouTube Star
  31. Ang Lee, Director
  32. Martin Luther King III, Civil Rights Leader
  33. ProjectSupreme, YouTube Star
  34. Dylan Haegens, YouTube Star
  35. Jacinta Gulisano, Pop Singer
  36. Stan Walker, Pop Singer
  37. Deacon Phillippe, Family Member
  38. Ireland Baldwin, Model
  39. Dulceida, YouTube Star
  40. Angelina Drake, YouTube Star
  41. Sofia Michelle, YouTube Star
  42. Alexandra Beth, YouTube Star
  43. Prabhas, Movie Actor
  44. Sr Pelo, YouTube Star
  45. Lincoln Peirce, Cartoonist
  46. Sofya Plotnikova, Dancer
  47. Tallulah Greive, TV Actress
  48. Elise Bauman, TV Actress

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