October 14 Birthdays

October 14th Birthdays

  1. Rowan Blanchard, TV Actress
  2. Jelly, YouTube Star
  3. Usher, R&B Singer
  4. George Floyd (1973-2020)
  5. Talisa Tossell, YouTube Star
  6. Shyla Walker, Instagram Star
  7. Andrew Gregory, Instagram Star
  8. Ralph Lauren, Fashion Designer
  9. Kaitlynn Rhenea, TikTok Star
  10. Addison Wingate, Reality Star
  11. Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD, YouTube Star
  12. Lil XXEL, Rapper
  13. Michelle Ferre, YouTube Star
  14. Roger Moore (1927-2017), Movie Actor
  15. Gymnast_emily10, Instagram Star
  16. Bryan Breeding, R&B Singer
  17. Max Thieriot, TV Actor
  18. Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), US President
  19. Captain Nintendo Dude, YouTube Star
  20. Tyler Christie, YouTube Star
  21. Jensen Arnold, Dancer
  22. Jared Goff, Football Player
  23. Benjamin Kapelushnik, Entrepreneur
  24. Stephen A. Smith, Radio Host
  25. Mia Jeal, YouTube Star
  26. Stacy Keibler, Wrestler
  27. Esra Bilgic, TV Actress
  28. Kayani B, YouTube Star
  29. Sir Cliff Richard, Pop Singer
  30. Lourdes Ciccone Leon, Pop Singer
  31. Colin Furze, YouTube Star
  32. Ballout, Rapper
  33. Jon Seda, TV Actor
  34. Harmony Smith, YouTube Star
  35. Caleb Hyles, YouTube Star
  36. James II (1633-1701), King
  37. Shona McGarty, Soap Opera Actress
  38. Matteo Sbandi, TikTok Star
  39. Ariela Barer, TV Actress
  40. Jay Pharoah, Comedian
  41. Mark-Francis Vandelli, Reality Star
  42. Sherlyn, TV Actress
  43. Ben Whishaw, Movie Actor
  44. Steve Coogan, Comedian
  45. Quinn Hughes, Hockey Player
  46. Dalton Robinson, YouNow Star
  47. Chloe Lutosky, YouTube Star
  48. Master Kato, Rapper

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