October 1 Birthdays

October 1st Birthdays

  1.  Anayah Rice, Instagram Star
  2. Chantel Jeffries, Instagram Star
  3. Luna Blaise, TV Actress
  4. Lightcore Chase, YouTube Star
  5. Julie Andrews, Movie Actress
  6. Matthew Daddario, TV Actor
  7. Brie Larson, Movie Actress
  8. Brooklyn Wyatt, Pop Singer
  9. Olivia Dunne, Gymnast
  10. Sage Rosen, Dancer
  11. Priah Ferguson, TV Actress
  12. Myles Parrish, R&B Singer
  13. Theresa May, Politician
  14. Madeline Damskey, Instagram Star
  15. Cariba Heine, TV Actress
  16. Jimmy Carter, US President
  17. RD Benji, YouTube Star
  18. Princess Misty, YouTube Star
  19. Greg Davis Jr., TV Actor
  20. Federico Vigevani, YouTube Star
  21. Sabrina Vaz, YouTube Star
  22. Sarah Drew, TV Actress
  23. Mario Ruiz, YouTube Star
  24. Shenseea, Reggae Singer
  25. Drew Chadwick, Rapper
  26. Yip Man (1893-1972), Teacher
  27. Michelle MangaMinx, YouTube Star
  28. Zach Galifianakis, Movie Actor
  29. Mario Dedivanovic, Makeup Artist
  30. Richard Harris (1930-2020), Movie Actor
  31. Mason Greenwood, Soccer Player
  32. Harry Hill, Comedian
  33. Sherri Saum, TV Actress
  34. Hazal Kaya, TV Actress
  35. Jurnee Smollett-Bell, TV Actress
  36. Gwen Gwiz, YouTube Star
  37. IdunnGoddess, YouTube Star
  38. Jazzmyne Robbins, Instagram Star
  39. Jeremy Jones, YouTube Star
  40. Isis King, Model
  41. Alexity, YouTube Star
  42. Kelsey Merritt, Model
  43. Luella Cece, YouTube Star
  44. Dixi Wonderland, Blogger
  45. Dizzee Rascal, Rapper
  46. Danika Yarosh, TV Actress
  47. Larry Lamb, TV Actor
  48. Emily Vu, TikTok Star


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