November 13 Birthdays

November 13th Birthdays

  1. Jimmy Kimmel, TV Show Host
  2. FGTeeV Mike, YouTube Star
  3. Julia Michaels, Pop Singer
  4. Matt Bennett, TV Actor
  5. Devon Bostick, Movie Actor
  6. Whoopi Goldberg, Movie Actress
  7. Carly Sarah, Instagram Star
  8. Jinx, YouTube Star
  9. Hannah Stone (2000-2017), YouNow Star
  10. 24KGoldn, Rapper
  11. Nikki Hahn, TV Actress
  12. WooWoo, YouTube Star
  13. Gerard Butler, Movie Actor
  14. Lucy Fallon, Soap Opera Actress
  15. Monique Coleman, TV Actress
  16. Lando Norris, Race Car Driver
  17. Stella Hudgens, Movie Actress
  18. James Reacts, YouTube Star
  19. Taylor Bybee, YouTube Star
  20. Paulie Calafiore, Reality Star
  21. Walker Satterwhite, YouTube Star
  22. Joe Mantegna, TV Actor
  23. Jesus Garcia (1883-1907)
  24. Steve Zahn, Movie Actor
  25. Charlie Storwick, Pop Singer
  26. Metta World Peace, Basketball Player
  27. Taylen Nunley, Instagram Star
  28. Xxkhaleel, TikTok Star
  29. OhMyLA, YouTube Star
  30. A$AP Yams (1988-2015), Rapper
  31. Osman Razzaq, YouTube Star
  32. Crystal Mills, Reality Star
  33. Dougie Baldwin, TV Actor
  34. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, World Leader
  35. Joe Bereta, YouTube Star
  36. Neil Flynn, TV Actor
  37. Emma DeLury, Model
  38. Noah Glenn Carter, TikTok Star
  39. Elena Taber, YouTube Star
  40. Joubytube, YouTube Star
  41. Stephen Full, TV Actor
  42. Alex Wong, TV Actor
  43. Danny Philippou, YouTube Star
  44. Michael Bennett, Football Player
  45. Quite Perry, Instagram Star
  46. Malik Wilson, Instagram Star
  47. Amara Wayans, Family Member
  48. Candace B. Harris, Movie Actress

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