May 5 Birthdays

May 5th Birthdays

  1. Chris Brown, Pop Singer
  2. Jenna Davis, TV Actress
  3. Adele, Pop Singer
  4. Niki Demartino, YouTube Star
  5. Gabi DeMartino, YouTube Star
  6. Ashton Rowland, Instagram Star
  7. Bart Baker, YouTube Star
  8. Vanessa Bryant, Model
  9. MessYourself, YouTube Star
  10. Danielle Fishel, TV Actress
  11. Henry Cavill, Movie Actor
  12. Don Benjamin, Model
  13. Remington Leith, Rock Singer
  14. Kayla Pimentel, YouTube Star
  15. Adam LZ, YouTube Star
  16. SamSpedy Entertainment, YouTube Star
  17. Charlotte D’Alessio, Model
  18. Ariadna Juárez, YouTube Star
  19. Jonny Gray, TV Actor
  20. Jarvis Johnson, YouTube Star
  21. Kalama Epstein, TV Actor
  22. Shaun McKnight, YouTube Star
  23. Badcc, Game Designer
  24. Younes Bendjima, Model
  25. Lily Grace, YouTube Star
  26. Mitch Marner, Hockey Player
  27. Mauricio López, Instagram Star
  28. Clifford Owusu, YouTube Star
  29. Craig David, Pop Singer
  30. Austin Williams, TikTok Star
  31. Austin Sprinz, TikTok Star
  32. Tahiry Jose, Reality Star
  33. TeaWap, YouTube Star
  34. Hank Green, YouTube Star
  35. Primink, YouTube Star
  36. Leo Osuna, YouTube Star
  37. Bobby Coleman, Movie Actor
  38. Karl Marx (1818-1883), Philosopher
  39. Charlotte Vertes, Instagram Star
  40. Nathan Chen, Figure Skater
  41. Carly Manning, Cheerleader
  42. Caleb Bielski, YouNow Star
  43. ChloeGames, YouTube Star
  44. Peyton Morrison, TikTok Star
  45. Raúl Jiménez, Soccer Player
  46. 6 Dogs, Rapper
  47. Hannah Jeter, Model
  48. Sabrina Jacob, TikTok Star

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