May 28 Birthdays

May 28th Birthdays

  1. Cameron Boyce (1999-2019), TV Actor
  2. Roman Atwood, YouTube Star
  3. Elle McBroom, Family Member
  4. Alec Benjamin, Pop Singer
  5. Seth Rollins, Wrestler
  6. iAmJordi, TikTok Star
  7. Dez Machado, YouTube Star
  8. Little T, Rapper
  9. Nova, Rapper
  10. Mimi Drabik, YouTube Star
  11. Kylie Minogue, Pop Singer
  12. Caroline Sartorius, Instagram Star
  13. Ally Lotti, Instagram Star
  14. Sean O’Donnell, Instagram Star
  15. Daniel Veda, Pop Singer
  16. Dahyun, Pop Singer
  17. Karina Conti, TikTok Star
  18. Kayla Strong, TikTok Star
  19. Amra Olevic, Instagram Star
  20. Gladys Knight, Soul Singer
  21. Colbie Caillat, Pop Singer
  22. Michael Oher, Football Player
  23. Jep Robertson, Reality Star
  24. Jerry West, Basketball Player
  25. Marco Rubio, Politician
  26. Kaelin Edwards, YouTube Star
  27. Virgo Martínez, Instagram Star
  28. Jake Johnson, TV Actor
  29. Madison Grace, Instagram Star
  30. Kyle Walker, Soccer Player
  31. Lukas Gage, TV Actor
  32. Tommy Mallet, Reality Star
  33. Jason Stacks, TikTok Star
  34. Pyrce Regelman, TikTok Star
  35. Madan Gowri, YouTube Star
  36. Brian Friedman, Choreographer
  37. Imran Khan, World Music Singer
  38. Laura Bailey, Voice Actress
  39. Matt Smith, TikTok Star
  40. Nathan Carter, Country Singer
  41. Kyle Brooks, Pop Singer
  42. John Stones, Soccer Player
  43. Zoe Hunter, TikTok Star
  44. Ryan Lawrie, Pop Singer
  45. Joshua Brooks, Pop Singer
  46. Alexandre Lacazette, Soccer Player
  47. Phil Foden, Soccer Player
  48. Eathan Broxson, TikTok Star

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