May 21 Birthdays

May 21st Birthdays

  1. Notorious B.I.G. (1972-1997), Rapper
  2. Kevin Quinn, TV Actor
  3. Areana Lopez, Dancer
  4. Tom Daley, Diver
  5. Jack Payne, Instagram Star
  6. lowkeylina, TikTok Star
  7. Asa Howard, Instagram Star
  8. Gotye, Rock Singer
  9. Mr. T, TV Actor
  10. Brandi Maxiell, Reality Star
  11. malikk, YouTube Star
  12. Chris Benoit (1967-2007), Wrestler
  13. King Bo, Instagram Star
  14. Rebecca Trujillo, Instagram Star
  15. Josh Tryhane, YouTube Star
  16. Owen FamilyFunPack, YouTube Star
  17. Mohanlal Nair, Movie Actor
  18. Amy Nelson, Graphic Designer
  19. Lyn-Z, Bassist
  20. MrCreepyPasta, YouTube Star
  21. Gento, YouTube Star
  22. XxScreamKiwixX, YouTube Star
  23. Noel Fielding, Comedian
  24. Joshua Ritchie, Reality Star
  25. Hutch Dano, TV Actor
  26. Briana DeJesus, Reality Star
  27. Charlie Morley, YouTube Star
  28. Jeffrey Seavey, Family Member
  29. Ghali, Rapper
  30. Josh Allen, Football Player
  31. Kayla Itsines, Instagram Star
  32. Keith L. Williams, Movie Actor
  33. Johnny Tannerites, YouTube Star
  34. Angelica, Pop Singer
  35. Mateo Bedoya, TikTok Star
  36. CreepsMcPasta, YouTube Star
  37. Olivia Olson, Voice Actress
  38. Parker Cannon, Pop Singer
  39. Jane Scandizzo, Reality Star
  40. Haiti Babii, Rapper
  41. aLexBY11, YouTube Star
  42. Bria Myles, Instagram Star
  43. Spechie, YouTube Star
  44. Nicole Moreira, TikTok Star
  45. Dimzy, Rapper
  46. Empetty, TikTok Star
  47. Asia Leigh, YouTube Star
  48. Cherry Campbell, TV Actress

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