May 19 Birthdays

May 19th Birthdays

  1. JoJo Siwa, YouTube Star
  2. Marshmello, DJ
  3. Sam Smith, Pop Singer
  4. Nikocado Avocado, YouTube Star
  5. Yo Gotti, Rapper
  6. Jazmyn Bieber, Instagram Star
  7. Malcolm X (1925-1965), Religious Leader
  8. Andre the Giant (1946-1993), Wrestler
  9. Mali-koa Hood, Pop Singer
  10. Robert Georges, TikTok Star
  11. Samy Ha, TikTok Star
  12. Will Simmons, Dancer
  13. Jaidyn Lynzee, YouTube Star
  14. BlocBoy JB, Rapper
  15. BigDawsTv, YouTube Star
  16. Kim Zolciak, Reality Star
  17. Aaron Marino, Business Executive
  18. Lindsey Pelas, Instagram Star
  19. Peter Mayhew (1944-2019), Movie Actor
  20. Lucy Flight, YouTube Star
  21. Lina Wyatt, Instagram Star
  22. Erin Thumann, Model
  23. Eleanor Tomlinson, Movie Actress
  24. Kevin Garnett, Basketball Player
  25. Kelly Rizzo, Blogger
  26. Micarah Tewers, YouTube Star
  27. Andrea Pirlo, Soccer Player
  28. Sage Lescher, YouTube Star
  29. Duc Anh Tran, Dancer
  30. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938), Politician
  31. Mya Mills, Instagram Star
  32. Maile Flanagan, Voice Actress
  33. Grace Jones, Pop Singer
  34. Brooke Mahan, YouTube Star
  35. Kelvin Boerma, YouTube Star
  36. Lenny Tavárez, Reggaeton Singer
  37. Michela Luci, TV Actress
  38. Cuda Cash, YouTube Star
  39. Julian Smith, YouTube Star
  40. Jon Kortajarena, Model
  41. Colton Burpo
  42. Lauren Guiliano, YouTube Star
  43. Aurimas TheGreatOne, YouTube Star
  44. Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), Politician
  45. Skylar Kergil, YouTube Star
  46. Nicole Brown Simpson (1959-1994), Family Member
  47. Enoch Lieu, Instagram Star
  48. Israel Houghton, Rock Singer

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