March 3 Birthdays

March 3rd Birthdays

  1. Camila Cabello, Pop Singer
  2. Alex Lange, TV Actor
  3. Shari Franke, YouTube Star
  4. Christi Lukasiak, Reality Star
  5. Thomas Barbusca, TV Actor
  6. Desi Perkins, YouTube Star
  7. Buddy Valastro, Chef
  8. Trinity Taylor, Instagram Star
  9. Toby Turner, YouTube Star
  10. Phil Swift, YouTube Star
  11. Jeremy Zucker, Music Producer
  12. Alexis Marie, YouTube Star
  13. Jayson Tatum, Basketball Player
  14. Jessica Biel, TV Actress
  15. Montana of 300, Rapper
  16. Maine Mendoza, TV Show Host
  17. Lil Jerz, YouTube Star
  18. George Miller, Director
  19. Julie Bowen, TV Actress
  20. Shraddha Kapoor, Movie Actress
  21. Mitch Hughes, YouTube Star
  22. Andrew Meloche, Family Member
  23. Brett Yang, Violinist
  24. Fabio Catarino, TikTok Star
  25. Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), Inventor
  26. Ryan Met, Pop Singer
  27. Phil Gallagher, TV Show Host
  28. Ahmed Mahmood, YouTube Star
  29. Joshua Duggar, Reality Star
  30. Carla Brocker, Instagram Star
  31. Saamo Petraa, YouTube Star
  32. Isabelle Mathers, Model
  33. Reylynn Caster, TV Actress
  34. Peyton Heitz, Dancer
  35. Ashton Perduno, TikTok Star
  36. Deshawn Raw, YouTube Star
  37. Brooke Marsden, Likee Star
  38. Samantha Ravndahl, YouTube Star
  39. Hudson West, TV Actor
  40. Zico, Soccer Player
  41. Maria Di Geronimo, Reality Star
  42. Ronan Keating, Pop Singer
  43. Haley Dasovich, YouTube Star
  44. Dean ASMR, YouTube Star
  45. Michael Thomas, Football Player
  46. Canada Lee (1907-1952), Movie Actor
  47. Sam Asghari, Model
  48. Courtney Waldrop, Reality Star

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