March 21 Birthdays

March 21st Birthdays

  1. Jace Norman, TV Actor
  2. TINI, Pop Singer
  3. Ronaldinho, Soccer Player
  4. Angel Garcir, TikTok Star
  5. Carly Incontro, YouTube Star
  6. Diggy Simmons, Rapper
  7. Shani Grimmond, YouTube Star
  8. Antoine Griezmann, Soccer Player
  9. Maddie Gray, Instagram Star
  10. Scott Eastwood, Movie Actor
  11. Mariale Marrero, YouTube Star
  12. Adrian Peterson, Football Player
  13. Gary Oldman, Movie Actor
  14. Jeanine Amapola, YouTube Star
  15. Maverick Leonard, YouTube Star
  16. Chris Monroe, YouTube Star
  17. Brittany Hertz, Cheerleader
  18. Svea Frantzich, Family Member
  19. Rosie O’Donnell, TV Show Host
  20. Matthew Broderick, Movie Actor
  21. Thedissrapper, Rapper
  22. Ebony Day, YouTube Star
  23. Charlie Clips, Rapper
  24. Lorenzo Zurzolo, TV Actor
  25. Phor Everim, Tattoo Artist
  26. Funsized.yahyah, TikTok Star
  27. Rochelle Humes, Pop Singer
  28. Sanita Popach, Family Member
  29. Rani Mukerji, Movie Actress
  30. Yoon San-ha, Pop Singer
  31. Forrest Wheeler, TV Actor
  32. Alfie Sheard, Pop Singer
  33. Charlie Davies-Carr, YouTube Star
  34. Melissa Gorga, Reality Star
  35. Josh Krumich, TikTok Star
  36. Michale Graves, Punk Singer
  37. Ayrton Senna (1960-1994), Race Car Driver
  38. James Davies, TV Actor
  39. Alyse Parker, YouTube Star
  40. Babyahyah, TikTok Star
  41. Kassie DePaiva, Soap Opera Actress
  42. Shannon Clermont, Reality Star
  43. Jordi Alba, Soccer Player
  44. Kailee McKenzie, YouTube Star
  45. Ali Abdullah Saleh (1942-2017), World Leader
  46. Officiallyahyah, TikTok Star
  47. Grant Cardone, Business Executive
  48. RJ Cyler, Movie Actor

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