March 16 Birthdays

March 16th Birthdays

  1. Luca Lombardo, TikTok Star
  2. Jhene Aiko, R&B Singer
  3. KT Franklin, TikTok Star
  4. Alexandra Daddario, TV Actress
  5. Corey Campbell, Instagram Star
  6. Chris Ballinger, YouTube Star
  7. Tyrel Jackson Williams, TV Actor
  8. Blake Griffin, Basketball Player
  9. Lauren Graham, TV Actress
  10. Connie Glynn, YouTube Star
  11. Joel Embiid, Basketball Player
  12. Ronzo, YouTube Star
  13. James Madison (1751-1836), US President
  14. Anthony Vargas, YouTube Star
  15. Domani Harris, Instagram Star
  16. Lil Keed, Rapper
  17. Sierra McClain, TV Actress
  18. Flavor Flav, Rapper
  19. Awez Darbar, TikTok Star
  20. Danish Zehen (1996-2018), YouTube Star
  21. Ella Haun, TikTok Star
  22. Vivian Vo-Farmer, YouTube Star
  23. Zack Torres, Dancer
  24. Tucker Boner, YouTube Star
  25. Sara Hopkins, Snapchat Star
  26. Jeyna Ponce, Instagram Star
  27. Clapdaddie, TikTok Star
  28. Jerry Lewis (1926-2017), Movie Actor
  29. George Ford, Rugby Player
  30. Luigi Castillo, Instagram Star
  31. Ajiona Alexus, Movie Actress
  32. Isaac Nellum, TikTok Star
  33. Tamara Kalinic, YouTube Star
  34. Theo Walcott, Soccer Player
  35. Adrian Anguiano, TikTok Star
  36. Camilo Echeverry, Pop Singer
  37. Isabelle Allen, Movie Actress
  38. Jonica Booth, Reality Star
  39. Alexander Husum, YouTube Star
  40. Alex Lee, Guitarist
  41. Lia Pappas-Kemps, TV Actress
  42. Danny Brown, Rapper
  43. Victor Garber, Movie Actor
  44. Daniel J, YouTube Star
  45. ByTarifa, YouTube Star
  46. Jay Nedaj, Instagram Star
  47. MJGotHitz, Dancer
  48. Helen Mazlou, TikTok Star

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