March 1 Birthdays

March 1st Birthdays

  1.  Justin Bieber, Pop Singer
  2. Curly Head Monty, Instagram Star
  3. Sawyer Sharbino, Movie Actor
  4. Kesha, Pop Singer
  5. Jensen Ackles, TV Actor
  6. Stephen Sharer, YouTube Star
  7. Daniella Monet, TV Actress
  8. Sapnap, YouTube Star
  9. Lorenzo Greer, YouTube Star
  10. Demetrius Harmon, Instagram Star
  11. NatesLife, YouTube Star
  12. Aksually, YouTube Star
  13. Sabrina Quesada, TikTok Star
  14. Ayzria, YouTube Star
  15. Nathan Sharp, YouTube Star
  16. Lupita Nyong’o, Movie Actress
  17. Big E. Langston, Wrestler
  18. Dalia Mya, TikTok Star
  19. Janae Johnston, YouTube Star
  20. Gabe Fernandez, TikTok Star
  21. Tyreek Hill, Football Player
  22. Ava Allan, TV Actress
  23. Kevlex Pazmiño, TikTok Star
  24. Emeraude Toubia, TV Actress
  25. Mark Paul Gosselaar, TV Actor
  26. Tim Tracker, YouTube Star
  27. Cara Buono, TV Actress
  28. Duncan Jones, YouTube Star
  29. Paul Hollywood, Chef
  30. Wonho, Pop Singer
  31. Booker T, Wrestler
  32. Adi Benson, Reality Star
  33. Alec Utgoff, TV Actor
  34. Alan Thicke (1947-2016), TV Actor
  35. Ron Howard, Director
  36. Shahid Afridi, Cricket Player
  37. Erissa Puteri, Pop Singer
  38. Parker Bates, TV Actor
  39. Emma, Wrestler
  40. Izabella Alvarez, TV Actress
  41. Millie Simmonds, Movie Actress
  42. Javier Bardem, Movie Actor
  43. Don Lemon, TV Show Host
  44. Philza, YouTube Star
  45. Robert Alcorta, Instagram Star
  46. Briana Murillo, Instagram Star
  47. Carlos Vela, Soccer Player
  48. Ender Orgill, YouTube Star

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