June 9 Birthdays

June 9th Birthdays

  1.  Johnny Depp, Movie Actor
  2. Stassiebaby, Instagram Star
  3. Natalie Portman, Movie Actress
  4. Tanya Burr, TV Actress
  5. Laurie Hernandez, Gymnast
  6. Michael J. Fox, Movie Actor
  7. Zac Vran, Dancer
  8. Mae Whitman, TV Actress
  9. Xavier Serrano, Model
  10. Loreto Peralta, Movie Actress
  11. Anna Cunningham (2002-2019), TikTok Star
  12. Santiago Armando, TikTok Star
  13. Matthew Bellamy, Rock Singer
  14. OMGItsBirdman, YouTube Star
  15. Zack Bia, Instagram Star
  16. Sonam Kapoor, Movie Actress
  17. Jocelyn Macnab, TV Actress
  18. Rafi Fine, YouTube Star
  19. Tamela Mann, Movie Actress
  20. Logan Browning, Movie Actress
  21. Travis Atwood, Dancer
  22. Keaton Speirs, YouTube Star
  23. David Williams
  24. Kahlen Barry, YouTube Star
  25. Xolo Mariduena, TV Actor
  26. Romina Garcia (1996-2016)
  27. Timmy Trumpet, DJ
  28. T.D. Jakes, Religious Leader
  29. Iain Lee, Comedian
  30. Ethan Crutchley, TikTok Star
  31. Luis Alonso, YouNow Star
  32. Pryce Watkins, Rapper
  33. Justine Biticon, Model
  34. Alexandra Cane, Makeup Artist
  35. Tyler Atwood, Dancer
  36. Kaeli Ware, Dancer
  37. Remi Baker, Instagram Star
  38. Steve Zaragoza, YouTube Star
  39. Cheyenne Parker, Reality Star
  40. Piff the Magic Dragon, Magician
  41. Sara K, YouTube Star
  42. Evancredible, Vine Star
  43. Lily Burt, YouTube Star
  44. Scout Larson, TikTok Star
  45. Sariah Greer, YouTube Star
  46. Pat Dodds, YouTube Star
  47. Sienna Greer, YouTube Star
  48. Jakester, YouTube Star

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