June 5 Birthdays

June 5th Birthdays

  1. Ninja, eSports Player
  2. Troye Sivan, Pop Singer
  3. DenisDailyYT, YouTube Star
  4. FaZe Adapt, YouTube Star
  5. Bruhitz_Kevin, TikTok Star
  6. Mark Wahlberg, Movie Actor
  7. Pete Wentz, Bassist
  8. Joe Gatto, Comedian
  9. CarlieStylez, YouTube Star
  10. Rick Riordan, Young Adult Author
  11. Snarkymarky, TikTok Star
  12. Brandon Farris, Facebook Star
  13. Rylee Arnold, Dancer
  14. Lily Rose, Blogger
  15. OVERTFLOW, YouTube Star
  16. Timmy Alvarez, YouTube Star
  17. Santan Dave, Rapper
  18. Ceaser Emanuel, Reality Star
  19. Breonna Taylor (1993-2020)
  20. Jennifer Zhang, YouTube Star
  21. Justin Stuart, YouTube Star
  22. Steelo Brim, TV Show Host
  23. DJ Mustard, DJ
  24. Vanessa Bouslog, YouTube Star
  25. Ashlynn Malia, Pop Singer
  26. Nick Kroll, TV Actor
  27. Vlad Munteanu, YouTube Star
  28. Chris Lovasz, YouTube Star
  29. Pierre Louis Louis, Reality Star
  30. Roly West, YouTube Star
  31. Alex Peric, YouTube Star
  32. Aimie Atkinson, Stage Actress
  33. Catherine Gámez, Instagram Star
  34. Chaeryeong, Dancer
  35. Bárbara de Regil, Soap Opera Actress
  36. Joel Smallbone, Pop Singer
  37. Blake Duffy, Instagram Star
  38. Moritz Garth, Pop Singer
  39. Mike Fisher, Hockey Player
  40. Kenny G, Saxophonist
  41. Felps, YouTube Star
  42. Kieran Tierney, Soccer Player
  43. Bella Rose Dunn,TikTok Star
  44. Cristi Munteanu, YouTube Star
  45. Adhemz, TikTok Star
  46. Chad Allen, TV Actor
  47. Ona Carbonell, Swimmer
  48. Devin Fedewa, TikTok Star

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