June 14 Birthdays

June 14th Birthdays

  1. Donald Trump, US President
  2. Lucy Hale, TV Actress
  3. Slimedupmike, TikTok Star
  4. JianHao Tan, YouTube Star
  5. Jesy Nelson, Pop Singer
  6. Taylor Hatala, Dancer
  7. Ryan McCartan, TV Actor
  8. Tzuyu, Pop Singer
  9. Gunna, Rapper
  10. Morgan Adams, Model
  11. Boy George, Pop Singer
  12. Bryce James, Family Member
  13. SoooKawaii, YouTube Star
  14. Katya Elise Henry, Instagram Star
  15. Kevin McHale, TV Actor
  16. Vincent Whitaker, Instagram Star
  17. JittDSK, Rapper
  18. Tonyvtoons, YouTube Star
  19. Ryan Wauters, TikTok Star
  20. Tyrone Magnus, YouTube Star
  21. Haila Saleh, Instagram Star
  22. Danny Garrison, TikTok Star
  23. Derrick Dereleek, YouTube Star
  24. Daryl Sabara, Movie Actor
  25. Ryan Magee, YouTube Star
  26. Tsutsumi Hoang, Blogger
  27. Alexandra Felstead, Reality Star
  28. Rachel DeMita, TV Show Host
  29. Alina Boz, Instagram Star
  30. Bambi, Dancer
  31. Gemini Major, Rapper
  32. Che Guevara (1928-1967), Activist
  33. RJ Barrett, Basketball Player
  34. Tamara Smart, TV Actress
  35. Alan Carr, Comedian
  36. Destiny Frasqueri, Rapper
  37. Ceca, Folk Singer
  38. Sammy Watkins, Football Player
  39. Michele Maturo, Model
  40. Sutan Amrull, Reality Star
  41. Moon Taeil, Pop Singer
  42. Jacques Torres, Chef
  43. Regan Burns, Movie Actor
  44. KiingRod, Rapper
  45. Roy Hu, TikTok Star
  46. Alex Mytton, Reality Star
  47. SoCloseToToast, YouTube Star
  48. Paul O’Grady, Comedian

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