June 12 Birthdays

June 12th Birthdays

  1. Alissa Violet, Instagram Star
  2. Mikey Tua, Instagram Star
  3. Danny Gonzalez, YouTube Star
  4. Anne Frank (1929-1945), Non-Fiction Author
  5. Dave Franco, Movie Actor
  6. Mya Benway, YouTube Star
  7. Skylynn Floyd, YouTube Star
  8. Adriana Lima, Model
  9. Jenna Joseph, Instagram Star
  10. George H.W. Bush (1924-2018), US President
  11. Tate LaBrant, YouTube Star
  12. Mark Henry, Wrestler
  13. Jerome Jarre, Entrepreneur
  14. Don Toliver, Rapper
  15. Philippe Coutinho, Soccer Player
  16. Jessie Reyez, Pop Singer
  17. Ajey Nagar, YouTube Star
  18. 360Jeezy, YouTube Star
  19. MechieSoCrazy, R&B Singer
  20. Adam Montoya, YouTube Star
  21. Mitchell Hladchuk, YouTube Star
  22. Cody Horn, Movie Actress
  23. Artem Chigvintsev, Dancer
  24. Kendra Wilkinson, Reality Star
  25. Steven Kelly, Instagram Star
  26. Aquamarin, YouTube Star
  27. PrincessKoiah, Instagram Star
  28. Lil Duval, Comedian
  29. Mario Casas, TV Actor
  30. Chris Young, Country Singer
  31. Jeff Seid, YouTube Star
  32. Jaygocrazy.16, Instagram Star
  33. Portia Zaleen, TikTok Star
  34. Spencer MacPherson, TV Actor
  35. Jackson Lueders, Instagram Star
  36. Kevin Wu, YouTube Star
  37. Oliver Francis, Rapper
  38. Jeroen Van Holland, YouTube Star
  39. Gracie Teefey, Family Member
  40. Andie Case, YouTube Star
  41. Robyn, Pop Singer
  42. Ryzza Mae Dizon, TV Show Host
  43. Evelyn Gonzalez, TV Actress
  44. Jeremy Rowley, Comedian
  45. Freak Daddy, YouTube Star
  46. Krislyn Jacobs, YouTube Star
  47. Abbey Lee Kershaw, Model
  48. Jessica Keenan Wynn, Stage Actress

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