July 8 Birthdays

July 8th Birthdays

  1. Jaden Smith, Movie Actor
  2. Riele Downs, TV Actress
  3. Penelope Disick, Family Member
  4. Lucas Coly, Instagram Star
  5. Sienna Casas, TikTok Star
  6. HowToBasic, YouTube Star
  7. Maya Hawke, TV Actress
  8. Sophia Bush, TV Actress
  9. FoxKirsten, YouTube Star
  10. Nick Antonyan, YouTube Star
  11. Ariel Camacho (1992-2015), World Music Singer
  12. Milo Ventimiglia, TV Actor
  13. Angelina Eslora, Instagram Star
  14. Kevin Bacon, Movie Actor
  15. Isaac Nakash, Instagram Star
  16. Ashly Perez, YouTube Star
  17. John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937), Entrepreneur
  18. Tre Carter, Rapper
  19. Virgil van Dijk, Soccer Player
  20. Aimee Kelly, TV Actress
  21. Olivia Grace, YouTube Star
  22. Son Heung-min, Soccer Player
  23. Toby Keith, Country Singer
  24. Makayla Phillips, Pop Singer
  25. Caden Ketchman, Family Member
  26. Jill Donnelly, Family Member
  27. Michael Weatherly, TV Actor
  28. Julia Epstein, Funimate Star
  29. Tish Simmonds, TikTok Star
  30. Isabella Sermon, Movie Actress
  31. Anjelica Huston, Movie Actress
  32. Beck, Rock Singer
  33. Lance Gross, TV Actor
  34. John Bain (1984-2018), YouTube Star
  35. Lillian Samms, YouTube Star
  36. Gabrielle Green, TV Actress
  37. Lexy Chaplin, YouTube Star
  38. Sky Ferreira, Pop Singer
  39. Dara, TikTok Star
  40. Rahaf Al Enzi, YouTube Star
  41. T Steezy, Rapper
  42. Lucci Vee, Reality Star
  43. TheHollycopter, YouTube Star
  44. Sebastian Maniscalco, Comedian
  45. Wolfgang Puck, Chef
  46. Carl Riemer, YouTube Star
  47. The0nly_nevaeh, Instagram Star
  48. PrimetimePokemon, YouTube Star

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