July 30 Birthdays

July 30th, Birthdays

  1. Joey King, Movie Actress
  2. Young Lyric, Rapper
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Movie Actor
  4. Ilani Pierre, YouTube Star
  5. GloZell Green, YouTube Star
  6. Gina Rodriguez, TV Actress
  7. Lisa Kudrow, TV Actress
  8. Finneas O’Connell, Music Producer
  9. Terry Crews, TV Actor
  10. Austin North, TV Actor
  11. Street Bud, Rapper
  12. TDPresents, YouTube Star
  13. Paul Anka, Pop Singer
  14. Tammy Rivera, Reality Star
  15. Promise Phan, YouTube Star
  16. Ice JJ Fish, R&B Singer
  17. Hope Solo, Soccer Player
  18. King Lil G, Rapper
  19. Henry Ford (1863-1947), Entrepreneur
  20. Cristian Oliveras, Instagram Star
  21. Lucas Ovalle, Instagram Star
  22. Joe Tasker, YouTube Star
  23. Kristin Lauria, YouTube Star
  24. Sarah Snyder, Instagram Star
  25. April Bowlby, TV Actress
  26. Daniel DiMaggio, TV Actor
  27. Fleur Roberts, TikTok Star
  28. EroldStory, YouTube Star
  29. Matthieu Lange, Instagram Star
  30. Vivica A. Fox, Movie Actress
  31. Estefi Merelles, Stage Actress
  32. Michael Frank, TikTok Star
  33. Hilary Swank, Movie Actress
  34. Deoz Stranger, TikTok Star
  35. Tom Green, Movie Actor
  36. Logan Morris, YouNow Star
  37. Isabella Jones, Instagram Star
  38. Anthony Potero, YouTube Star
  39. Jake Fromm, Football Player
  40. Christopher Nolan, Director
  41. Lara Jean Marshall, TV Actress
  42. Yvonne Strahovski, TV Actress
  43. Teddy Ray, Comedian
  44. Alton Brown, Chef
  45. Jannine Weigel, YouTube Star
  46. 1998.raay, Instagram Star
  47. Vania Fernandes, YouTube Star
  48. Sarah Habel, TV Actress


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