July 11 Birthdays

July 11th Birthdays

  1.  Alessia Cara, R&B Singer
  2. Lil Kim, Rapper
  3. David Henrie, TV Actor
  4. TheOrionSound, YouTube Star
  5. Justin Chambers, TV Actor
  6. Vanessa Lynn, Instagram Star
  7. Boston Tom, YouTube Star
  8. Shauni Kibby, TikTok Star
  9. Natalie La Rose, World Music Singer
  10. Camb, Instagram Star
  11. Samantha Fekete, Movie Actress
  12. Sophia Anne Caruso, Stage Actress
  13. Kelsey Impicciche, Business Executive
  14. Lisa Rinna, Soap Opera Actress
  15. Cristina Vee, Voice Actress
  16. Jeff Favignano, YouTube Star
  17. Jax Taylor, Reality Star
  18. Alperen Sahin, Instagram Star
  19. John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), US President
  20. Tyson Kidd, Wrestler
  21. LA Thoma, Instagram Star
  22. PrivateFearless, YouTube Star
  23. Giorgio Armani, Fashion Designer
  24. Nadya Suleman, Reality Star
  25. Jordan Burton, Instagram Star
  26. Nina Nesbitt, Pop Singer
  27. Alex Constancio, YouTube Star
  28. The Healthy Cow, YouTube Star
  29. Derek Sanders, Rock Singer
  30. Mindy Sterling, Movie Actress
  31. Cassi Davis, Movie Actress
  32. Mielmonster, Instagram Star
  33. Connor Paolo, TV Actor
  34. Joan Smalls, Model
  35. Justin Willman, TV Show Host
  36. Kelly Margot, YouTube Star
  37. ShareesLove143, YouTube Star
  38. Lil Zane, Rapper
  39. Phillip Hudson, YouTube Star
  40. Caroline Wozniacki, Tennis Player
  41. Badjao de Castro, Drummer
  42. Giavanna Lyerly, Reality Star
  43. John Henson, Comedian
  44. David Graham, Movie Actor
  45. Meg Crosbie, Movie Actress
  46. Patricia Polacco, Children’s Author
  47. Johnny Sexton, Rugby Player
  48. EB White (1899-1985), Children’s Author

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