January 9 Birthdays

January 9th Birthdays

  1.  Brent Rivera, YouTube Star
  2. Blake Gray, Instagram Star
  3. Wengie, YouTube Star
  4. Nina Dobrev, TV Actress
  5. Deshae Frost, Comedian
  6. Kate Middleton, Duchess
  7. Sean Paul, Rapper
  8. Elijah Daniel, YouTube Star
  9. Flo Milli, Rapper
  10. Jackson Mecham,YouTube Star
  11. Toosii, Rapper
  12. Nicola Peltz, Movie Actress
  13. Liana Jade Brooker, TikTok Star
  14. Avery Christine, YouTube Star
  15. Cody Carson, Punk Singer
  16. Richard Nixon (1913-1994), US President
  17. Lauryn McClain, TV Actress
  18. Caleb Rock, TikTok Star
  19. Holygxd, Instagram Star
  20. Jimmy Page, Guitarist
  21. Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa, Instagram Star
  22. Julie Chrisley, Reality Star
  23. Gavin Lillard, TikTok Star
  24. Nicole García, YouTube Star
  25. Álvaro Soler, Pop Singer
  26. Laine Taylor, YouTube Star
  27. Ashley Argota, TV Actress
  28. Callan Potter, TV Actor
  29. Thomas Johnson, Dancer
  30. Anais Lee, Movie Actress
  31. Chad Johnson, Football Player
  32. Dayana’s Life, YouTube Star
  33. Omari Hardwick, TV Actor
  34. Dave Matthews, Rock Singer
  35. J.K. Simmons, Movie Actor
  36. Muggsy Bogues, Basketball Player
  37. Jelina Lim, TikTok Star
  38. James Acaster, Comedian
  39. Kerris Dorsey, TV Actress
  40. Ruby Riot, Wrestler
  41. Makena Gallagher, Instagram Star
  42. Sam Bird, Race Car Driver
  43. Ryan Hoffman, YouTube Star
  44. Quincy Boykins, TikTok Star
  45. Kevin Ghost, Metal Singer
  46. Lottie Moss, Model
  47. MF Doom, Rapper
  48. Oana Gregory, TV Actress

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