February 3 Birthdays

February 3rd Birthdays

  1.  Taylor Caniff, Instagram Star
  2. Daddy Yankee, Reggaeton Singer
  3. India Love, Blogger
  4. Luis Coronel, World Music Singer
  5. Chantelle Paige, Pop Singer
  6. Sean Kingston, Pop Singer
  7. Anaya Perry, Instagram Star
  8. Isla Fisher, Movie Actress
  9. Jordan Frye, YouTube Star
  10. Brooke Kier, Instagram Star
  11. Addison Moffett, Dancer
  12. Jeffrey Ridgway Jr., YouTube Star
  13. Bryony-Jasmine Ludlow, Instagram Star
  14. Canyon Tannerites,YouTube Star
  15. Warwick Davis, Movie Actor
  16. Kurt Lawrence Bautista, TikTok Star
  17. Sam Kolder, Instagram Star
  18. Michael Cimino (1939-2016), Director
  19. Amal Clooney, Lawyer
  20. MGH, YouTube Star
  21. Cxandler, Instagram Star
  22. Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521), Explorer
  23. Roscoe Duhop, YouTube Star
  24. Bobizard, YouTube Star
  25. Bridget Regan, TV Actress
  26. Allisa Rose, YouTube Star
  27. Rodney Lee Shed, TikTok Star
  28. Jake Cooper, Soccer Player
  29. Kellen Goff, Voice Actor
  30. Thomas Jansen, TV Actor
  31. Anna Jane Jackson, YouTube Star
  32. Lil Richye, Rapper
  33. Bo Beljaars, TikTok Star
  34. Elvana Gjata, Pop Singer
  35. Donae’O, Rapper
  36. Josh Strider, YouTube Star
  37. Memo Aponte, Voice Actor
  38. Alex Osipczak, YouTube Star
  39. Presley Walker, TikTok Star
  40. Theodore Barnes, TV Actor
  41. Maitland Ward, TV Actress
  42. Derrick Levasseur, Reality Star
  43. Getter Jaani, Pop Singer
  44. Adama Traore, Soccer Player
  45. Nathan Lane, Stage Actor
  46. Helen Anderson, YouTube Star
  47. Kelly Sullivan, TV Actress
  48. Nuria Ma, YouTube Star


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