February 25 Birthdays

February 25th Birthdays

  1. Case Walker, TV Actor
  2. Noah Jupe, Movie Actor
  3. Roy Purdy, YouTube Star
  4. Jakob Greer, TikTok Star
  5. Ric Flair, Wrestler
  6. George Harrison (1943-2001), Guitarist
  7. Tony Perry, Guitarist
  8. Isabelle Fuhrman, Movie Actress
  9. Joe Santagato, YouTube Star
  10. Lovevie, YouTube Star
  11. Sean Astin, Movie Actor
  12. James Phelps, Movie Actor
  13. Kamryn Beck, Dancer
  14. Oliver Phelps, Movie Actor
  15. Jay Critch, Rapper
  16. Dutchess Lattimore, Tattoo Artist
  17. Tony Oller, TV Actor
  18. Rashida Jones, Movie Actress
  19. Brielle Biermann, Reality Star
  20. John Doe, Punk Singer
  21. Cole Walker, Instagram Star
  22. Amy Ruffle, TV Actress
  23. Justin Berfield, TV Actor
  24. Kendyl Fay, Dancer
  25. Chelsea Handler, Comedian
  26. Tea Leoni, Movie Actress
  27. Niko Katsuyoshi, TikTok Star
  28. Jameela Jamil, TV Actress
  29. Shahid Kapoor, Movie Actor
  30. Ellie Brown, Reality Star
  31. Eric Osborne, TV Actor
  32. Stephanie Buttermore, Instagram Star
  33. Park Ji-Sung, Soccer Player
  34. Robert Topala, Game Designer
  35. Carrot Top, Comedian
  36. Lee Evans, Movie Actor
  37. Maria Kanellis, Wrestler
  38. Fred VanVleet, Basketball Player
  39. Vedo, R&B Singer
  40. Michelle Lewin, Model
  41. Hessa Al-Kulaib, Instagram Star
  42. Elliot Choy, YouTube Star
  43. Nadia Kruse, YouTube Star
  44. Rileyy Lanez, R&B Singer
  45. Fateh Halilintar, Instagram Star
  46. Catplant ASMR, YouTube Star
  47. Eugenie Bouchard, Tennis Player
  48. Joakim Noah, Basketball Player


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