February 22 Birthdays

February 22nd Birthdays

  1. George Washington (1732-1799), US President
  2. Baby Kaely, Rapper
  3. Slayyy Hailey, TikTok Star
  4. Alexa Rivera Villegas, YouTube Star
  5. Molly Brazy, Rapper
  6. Steve Irwin (1962-2006), Reality Star
  7. DynastyLoveYou, Instagram Star
  8. Drew Barrymore, Movie Actress
  9. Loserfruit, Twitch Star
  10. Esssenccee, Instagram Star
  11. Robert Kardashian (1944-2003), Lawyer
  12. Jacob Day, TikTok Star
  13. Yolanda Walmsley, Family Member
  14. Siena Mirabella, YouTube Star
  15. Robert Wadlow (1918-1940), 16
  16. Lucie Rose Donlan, Reality Star
  17. Zach Roerig, TV Actor
  18. Lea Salonga, Stage Actress
  19. Devin Corwin, YouNow Star
  20. Cole Pendery, Pop Singer
  21. Myta Herron, Instagram Star
  22. Titanic Sinclair, Director
  23. Maddie Graves-Witherell, TikTok Star
  24. Rajon Rondo, Basketball Player
  25. Ava Leeigh, TikTok Star
  26. BlackGryph0n, YouTube Star
  27. Julie Walters, Movie Actress
  28. Genneya Walton, Dancer
  29. Nam Joo-hyuk, TV Actor
  30. James Blunt, Pop Singer
  31. Bruce Forsyth (1928-2017), Game Show Host
  32. Emme Maribel Muñiz, Family Member
  33. Julius Erving, Basketball Player
  34. Maxx Danziger, Drummer
  35. Shani Fishman, Family Member
  36. Liv Jade, Cheerleader
  37. Princess Nauwisa, Rapper
  38. NiceMichael, TikTok Star
  39. Samuel Jenkins, TikTok Star
  40. Seth Segura, Instagram Star
  41. Ed Boon, Game Designer
  42. Michael Johnston, TV Actor
  43. Alana Arbucci, YouTube Star
  44. Khalil Mack, Football Player
  45. Claire Marshall, YouTube Star
  46. Elliott Morgan, YouTube Star
  47. Giselle Lynette, Instagram Star
  48. Izabela Stress, YouTube Star


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