February 11 Birthdays

February 11th Birthdays

  1. Jennifer Aniston, TV Actress
  2. Taylor Lautner, Movie Actor
  3. Khalid, R&B Singer
  4. Roseanne Park, Pop Singer
  5. Dwarf Mamba, Instagram Star
  6. Kelly Rowland, Pop Singer
  7. Arden Martino, TikTok Star
  8. Thomas Edison (1847-1931), Inventor
  9. Sophdoeslife, YouTube Star
  10. Brandy, R&B Singer
  11. Yung Miami, Rapper
  12. Sierra Deaton, Pop Singer
  13. Caleb Johnston,YouTube Star
  14. Elijah Wireman, YouTube Star
  15. Riley Saurage, Family Member
  16. Mehgan James, Reality Star
  17. Sunny Keller, YouTube Star
  18. Ally Law, YouTube Star
  19. Cody Herbinko, Instagram Star
  20. BlameItOnKWay, Comedian
  21. Rafael Lange, YouTube Star
  22. Burt Reynolds (1936-2018), Movie Actor
  23. Alex Jones, Radio Host
  24. Alissa Ashley, YouTube Star
  25. Jack Howard, YouTube Star
  26. Greg Horan, Instagram Star
  27. Natalie Dormer, TV Actress
  28. Mike Shinoda, Guitarist
  29. InfamousSwoosh, YouTube Star
  30. Nasty C, Rapper
  31. Sarah Palin, Politician
  32. Aubrey O’Day, Pop Singer
  33. Christofer Drew, Rock Singer
  34. Javierr, TikTok Star
  35. Sheryl Crow, Pop Singer
  36. Georgia Groome, Movie Actress
  37. Grant the Goat, YouTube Star
  38. Matthew Lawrence, Movie Actor
  39. Sair Khan, Soap Opera Actress
  40. DanRue, Instagram Star
  41. Sofía Moreno, TikTok Star
  42. TSMC, YouTube Star
  43. Shanina Shaik, Model
  44. Kelly Slater, Surfer
  45. Georgia May Foote, TV Actress
  46. Dansby Swanson, Baseball Player
  47. Shawn Hernandez, Wrestler
  48. Chelsea Cutler, Music Producer


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