December 7 Birthdays

December 7th Birthdays

  1. Ava Foley, Instagram Star
  2. Jon Moxley, Wrestler
  3. Asian Doll, Rapper
  4. Larry Bird, Basketball Player
  5. Nazanin Kavari, YouTube Star
  6. Jasmine Villegas, R&B Singer
  7. Brady Tutton, TV Actor
  8. Quinton Reviews, YouTube Star
  9. Aaron Carter, Pop Singer
  10. King Imprint, YouTube Star
  11. Jordyn Yeager, YouTube Star
  12. C Thomas Howell, Movie Actor
  13. Ocean PenaVega, Instagram Star
  14. Nicholas Hoult, Movie Actor
  15. Terrell Owens, Football Player
  16. Sara Bareilles, Pop Singer
  17. MaximeB, TikTok Star
  18. Eric Bauza, Voice Actor
  19. Dan Bilzerian, Instagram Star
  20. Hosuh Lee, YouTube Star
  21. Yhung T.O., Rapper
  22. HypeMyke, YouTube Star
  23. Summer Fontana, TV Actress
  24. Laci Kay Somers, Instagram Star
  25. Nicole Tuck, Family Member
  26. Ashish Chanchlani, YouTube Star
  27. Andrea López, Soap Opera Actress
  28. John Terry, Soccer Player
  29. Yuzuru Hanyu, Figure Skater
  30. Jadaboo, DJ
  31. Emily Browning, Movie Actress
  32. Sfera Ebbasta, Rapper
  33. KD Da kid, Rapper
  34. Jon Barzacchini, YouTube Star
  35. JB Gill, Pop Singer
  36. Yasiel Puig, Baseball Player
  37. Indyamarie, Model
  38. Songbyrd ASMR, YouTube Star
  39. Mixiepixie7, YouTube Star
  40. Paige O’Brien, Instagram Star
  41. Clara Berry, Model
  42. Sam Bechara, Likee Star
  43. Chris Tyson, Rapper
  44. Ella Kasumovic,Dancer
  45. John Bennett Ramsey, Family Member
  46. Darby Cappillino, YouTube Star
  47. Kennedy Holmes, Pop Singer
  48. Chris Crocker, YouTube Star

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