December 3 Birthdays

December 3rd Birthdays

  1. Lil Baby, Rapper
  2. Jake T. Austin, TV Actor
  3. Airionna Lynch, YouTube Star
  4. Emily’s Ears, Instagram Star
  5. Gavin Butler, YouTube Star
  6. Chandler Hallow, YouTube Star
  7. Amanda Seyfried, Movie Actress
  8. Gemma Styles, Instagram Star
  9. Ozzy Osbourne, Metal Singer
  10. Tiffany Haddish, Comedian
  11. Ruby Jay, TV Actress
  12. Nic Kaufmann, TikTok Star
  13. Ethan Kelly, TikTok Star
  14. Andy Grammer, R&B Singer
  15. Kiki Pepper, YouTube Star
  16. Jenna Dewan, Movie Actress
  17. Marques Brownlee, YouTube Star
  18. 2J, YouTube Star
  19. Kenley Pope, Cheerleader
  20. Trina, Rapper
  21. Ryan Shakes, TikTok Star
  22. Josh Lewis, YouTube Star
  23. Worldwidekayy, TikTok Star
  24. Holly Marie Combs, TV Actress
  25. Lily Weber, TikTok Star
  26. Leila Bauer, Instagram Star
  27. Julianne Moore, Movie Actress
  28. Motoki Maxted, YouTube Star
  29. Jamie Nyland, TikTok Star
  30. Olivia Rose, YouTube Star
  31. Brendan Fraser, Movie Actor
  32. Blair Walnuts, YouTube Star
  33. Bridget Satterlee, Model
  34. Trina Braxton, Reality Star
  35. Pietro Boselli, Instagram Star
  36. Matty Tingles, YouTube Star
  37. Dascha Polanco, TV Actress
  38. Nosaj, YouTube Star
  39. Sech, Reggaeton Singer
  40. Rex Lunsford, TikTok Star
  41. Anna Chlumsky, Movie Actress
  42. Success Jr., Comedian
  43. Swift, Rapper
  44. Justricia, YouTube Star
  45. Angele Van Laeken, Pop Singer
  46. Dark Dom, YouTube Star
  47. Lowkey.monae, Instagram Star
  48. Hayley Okines (1997-2015), Autobiographer

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