December 26 Birthdays

December 26th Birthdays

  1. Andy Biersack, Rock Singer
  2. Jade Thirlwall, Pop Singer
  3. Jared Leto, Movie Actor
  4. Prodigy, Rapper
  5. Kit Harington, TV Actor
  6. Cloakzy, Twitch Star
  7. Jon Bellion, Rapper
  8. Isac Elliot, Pop Singer
  9. Dana Alexa, Dancer
  10. Sophia Pippen, Instagram Star
  11. McKenzie Morales, Dancer
  12. Natalie Nunn, Reality Star
  13. Eden Sher, TV Actress
  14. Devin Ramirez, TikTok Star
  15. Samantha Boscarino, TV Actress
  16. Mao Tse Tung (1893-1976), World Leader
  17. Hugo Lloris, Soccer Player
  18. Chris Daughtry, Rock Singer
  19. Nya Kasan, Reality Star
  20. Austin Corini, Guitarist
  21. Zebulon Wilder, Family Member
  22. Lars Ulrich, Drummer
  23. José Ayala, YouTube Star
  24. Aaron Ramsey, Soccer Player
  25. Ashley Ortega, TV Actress
  26. Kiya Juliet, Instagram Star
  27. Luke Birch, YouTube Star
  28. Betsy Mikesell, YouTube Star
  29. Christian J. Simon, TV Actor
  30. Beth Behrs, TV Actress
  31. HelloItsVG, YouTube Star
  32. Nileseyy Niles, YouTube Star
  33. Romina Santos, TikTok Star
  34. Caroll Spinney (1933-2019), Puppeteer
  35. Leanna Powell, YouTube Star
  36. Alexander Wang, Fashion Designer
  37. Cece Bell, Children’s Author
  38. Corbin Scott, YouTube Star
  39. Koryn Hawthorne, Soul Singer
  40. Meechy Darko, Rapper
  41. Lily Robertson, Reality Star
  42. Philip Green, YouTube Star
  43. Lacey Claire, Model
  44. Hu Yitian, TV Actor
  45. Hobbie Stuart, YouTube Star
  46. Kaycee Clark, Reality Star
  47. Angela Vanity, YouTube Star
  48. Conor Mason, Rock Singer

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