December 19 Birthdays

December 19th Birthdays

  1. Gloom, YouTube Star
  2. Addy Rae Tharp, TikTok Star
  3. Backpack Kid, Instagram Star
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal, Movie Actor
  5. Gibi ASMR, YouTube Star
  6. Rosa Blasi, TV Actress
  7. Kiingtong, YouTube Star
  8. Jorge Blanco, TV Actor
  9. Alexis Sánchez, Soccer Player
  10. Alyssa Milano, TV Actress
  11. Andrew Han, TikTok Star
  12. Bobby Crosby, YouTube Star
  13. Nathan Freihofer, TikTok Star
  14. The Bentist, TikTok Star
  15. Richard Hammond, Journalist
  16. Jenelle Evans, Reality Star
  17. King Princess, Pop Singer
  18. Keiynan Lonsdale, TV Actor
  19. Karim Benzema, Soccer Player
  20. Keara Wilson, TikTok Star
  21. Justice Carradine, Instagram Star
  22. Souline McBroom, Family Member
  23. Criss Angel, Magician
  24. Skinnyfromthe9, Rapper
  25. Paul Cuffaro, YouTube Star
  26. Ynh Primetime, Rapper
  27. Wisin, Reggaeton Singer
  28. Alpharad, YouTube Star
  29. Alkaline, Rapper
  30. Marla Sokoloff, TV Actress
  31. El Demente, YouTube Star
  32. Cicely Tyson, Movie Actress
  33. Earlan Bartley, Pop Singer
  34. Janet Guzman, Instagram Star
  35. Mi Ying, YouTube Star
  36. Nico Hiraga, Skateboarder
  37. Helen Lee, Blogger
  38. Spoken Reasons, Comedian
  39. Rahat Hossain, YouTube Star
  40. Amanda Michelle, TikTok Star
  41. Edith Piaf (1915-1963), Pop Singer
  42. Keion, YouTube Star
  43. Victor Hallman, YouTube Star
  44. Makayla Lysiak, TV Actress
  45. Hey.lexie, YouTube Star
  46. Heart Foreveranddollways, YouTube Star
  47. Lexi Marie, TikTok Star
  48. Kang Young-hyun, Rock Singer

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