August 9 Birthdays

August 9th Birthdays


  1. Anna Kendrick, Movie Actress
  2. Whitney Houston (1963-2012), R&B Singer
  3. Anwar Jibawi, YouTube Star
  4. Bill Skarsgård, Movie Actor
  5. Rydel Lynch, Pop Singer
  6. Grian, YouTube Star
  7. Alexa Bliss, Wrestler
  8. Elizabeth Hamilton (1757-1854), Political Wife
  9. King Von, Rapper
  10. Diego Navarrette, Instagram Star
  11. Adelaide Kane, TV Actress
  12. Ravon M, YouTube Star
  13. Summer Xo, YouTube Star
  14. Jessica Capshaw, TV Actress
  15. Hunter In The Gym, YouTube Star
  16. Bereghost, YouTube Star
  17. Michael Kors, Fashion Designer
  18. Deion Sanders, Football Player
  19. Katja Krasavice, YouTube Star
  20. Kevin McKidd, TV Actor
  21. Karim Jovian, YouTube Star
  22. Ayo Jay, World Music Singer
  23. Leilianna Solis, TikTok Star
  24. Vanessa Nagoya, YouTube Star
  25. Jennifer Ruiz, Soccer Player
  26. Kaushal, YouTube Star
  27. Chelcie Lynn, Instagram Star
  28. Hoda Kotb, TV Show Host
  29. Max Didluck, TikTok Star
  30. Ashley Johnson, TV Actress
  31. Gillian Anderson, TV Actress
  32. Mac Harmon, Entrepreneur
  33. McKenna Kaelin, YouTube Star
  34. Jazzy Le, YouTube Star
  35. Karin DeStilo, YouTube Star
  36. Aaron Rhodes, YouTube Star
  37. Mahesh Babu, Movie Actor
  38. Sam Elliott, Movie Actor
  39. Bang Si-hyuk, Songwriter
  40. Sanya Lopez, TV Actress
  41. Justice Smith, TV Actor
  42. Burkely Duffield, TV Actor
  43. Stephanie Patrick, Instagram Star
  44. Kai Knight, TikTok Star
  45. Lindsay Demeola, Instagram Star
  46. SisterBryana, TikTok Star
  47. Danny Lomas, Instagram Star
  48. Zain Bhikha, Soul Singer


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